Aug 16, 2020

Vermin (1977)

(Original Title: Las alimañas) From Amando de Ossorio, the man who gave us the Blind Dead series, comes a very different type of film involving a suitcase of money.  There has to be a name for this type of movie, right?  There are so many films about this subject, from No Country for Old Men to Shallow Grave and on and on.

 A couple of jewel thieves posing as museum workers.

 They're double crossed by Tom (Paul Benson) who takes the money for himself.

The police chase after him (in VWs!), but he escapes.

 Tom makes it to a remote home way out in the swamp.

Margaret (Rosa Valenty), his lover, lives here and lets him hideout.

She confesses there's a slight problem; she has a couple others living here as well. So, Tom will have to stay hidden out in the boat house.

The two jewel thieves are on the hunt for Tom, who double crossed them.

One of the residents at the swamp house is Margaret's lover, Sofía (Helga Liné).

 Also living here is Jacqueline (Verónica Miriel).

 She does the laundry topless - and in slow motion.

 Tom likes what he sees.

 Margaret sees Tom eyeing Jacqueline, and doesn't approve.

 A rather pointless scene involving Sofia...

 But it does provide an opportunity for Helga Liné to show her boobs.

I should mention the water around this house is infested with alligators (this was filmed in the Dominican Republic). This will be important later.

 Margaret makes time to have sex with Tom in the boat house.

One of the criminals finds Tom's location and threatens Margaret (wearing a wig).

 Tom is able to take him out, and feeds him to the alligators.

Tom meets Jacqueline and seduces her.

 He convinces her into getting rid of the ladies in the house.

 Jacqueline poisons Margaret.

 She's dead.

Sofia finds Margaret dead; Tom pulls her away.

 He feeds Sofia to the alligators.

 Well, wait.  Margaret isn't dead after all.

Okay, now she's dead.  Tom has her stuck on the dock with her head hanging over the alligator infested waters.

A gruesome way to go.

 Jacqueline takes off with the suitcase full of loot, with it getting into the hands of the remaining jewel thief.

It changes hands a couple more times, with Tom finally ending up with nothing. THE END

Perhaps the best thing about this film was the setting; the Dominican Republic swampland was an interesting locale, that really adds to the picture.  Using alligators Carole Baskin style was also a cool element.

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