Aug 2, 2020

The Judge's Wife (1984)

(Original Title: La mujer del juez) A Spanish romance-thriller about a woman who cheats on her boring husband and is found out by her neighbor.  She's subsequently blackmailed and forced to get naked in front of her windows so her neighbor can enjoy the view.

 Paz (Norma Duval) and Miguel (Manuel Tejada) are a married couple who have grown distant - especially since their move to Logroño where Miguel has been appointed judge.

Paz meets her neighbor, Marcial (Héctor Alterio)

Paz goes shopping for boots and is helped by Alfredo, a young shoe salesman.

Paz accidentally lets the young lad see up her dress.

 Alfredo gets a look and she's not wearing panties.

Alfredo, smitten by the sight of her bush, comes to her home with a new set of boots for her to try on.

 The sexual tension is thick.

Paz goes back to the shoe store and slips him a note.  

 They meet at a barn.

 Back to the boring humdrum life with Miguel.

 Things take a bad turn when Marcial, who happened to be biking by, finds them.

Returning home, she's informed by her neighbors that there's been a death at Marcial's.  A bit suspicious considering she's seen him being abusive to his wife.

 Marcial calls her.

 He commands her to strip in front of the window, or he'll spill the beans.

 Another boring evening with Miguel.

 Miguel is going to Saragossa for a few days.

A very small role for Beatriz Elorrieta, who plays her friend. Elorrieta is awesome.

 While out shopping, she notices that Marcial is stalking her.

While Miguel is away, Marcial rapes Paz.

Shit hits the fan.  Paz is concerned about the safety of Marcial's wife.  When she hears a scream, she runs over there.  Miguel follows behind, and finds Marcial dead in teh bathtub.

It's all good.  THE END

Meh.  Something we've seen a million times.  For an erotic thriller, it had precious little nudity.  Not going to be anyone's favorite. 

Double Feature: Reminded me a lot of The Cat in Heat (1972).  The similarities - a bored couple moves to small town estate, there's infidelity, and a neighbor who's a bit of a maniac.  As the woman is left alone in the house, the neighbor does his thing.

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