Aug 1, 2020

La muerte ronda a Mónica (1976)

A Spanish Giallo featuring Karen Schubert and others.

 Elena (Karin Schubert) gives her friend a call to tell her she has important information to reveal.  The perfect drinking game for this film is to take a drink whenever someone picks up a phone.  It happens over and over - I presume that was an intentional theme of some kind from director Ramón Fernández

 Rich girl Mónica (Nadiuska) tells her to come on over.

Gratuitous full frontal nudity from Nadiuska as she gets out of the bathtub.

Arturo (Arturo Fernández) is sleeping around with Jenny Llada 

 Arturo is quite the playboy; we see him next with feisty Trini (Isabel Luque)

Elena informs Mónica that her husband Federico is cheating hon her.

The object of affection from her husband is fashion model Eva (Bárbara Rey)

Mónica confronts Eva 

The rumors are true: Eva is indeed sleeping with Federico (Jean Sorel)

Elena and Eva are also lovers.  Elena plans to take over the company once Federico is out of the way. 

With news of her husband's infidelity, Mónica plans to divorce him.  This would ruin Federico, as all the money comes from her.

Okay, we're more than halfway through this film, and not a single murder.  I began to wonder if this actually was a Giallo; it seems like just a boring drama.  But things finally pick up in the final act...

Mónica shoots an intruder.  It's a man named Diego who has come to blackmail Federico (as he has a checkered history).

Federico helps her hide the body.

 Eva (Bárbara Rey) provides a gratuitous shower scene.

I found this hilarious.  First, we're picking up the phone for the thousandth time this film.  Second, I love how the phone is right there by the shower.  

 Mónica finds Eva and Elana hanging from the rafters.  Pretty damn unexpected.

You guessed it - we're back on the phone.  Mónica calls Arturo for help.

 Arturo is in bed with Trini (Isabel Luque)

 Nadiuska does a damn good job playing the terrorized female.

 It's a showdown; who's the real bad guy? Federico or Arturo.

Well, I'll give you a hint - it ain't Federico. THE END

Well it damn sure took its sweet time getting to the good parts.  As mentioned, for almost fifty minutes, this film is nothing but romantic intrigue and dull drama; not even a whiff of Giallo.  The last quarter saves it, but that's not to say it was worth the wait.  The film is ultimately saved by the amazing performance from Nadiuska who absolutely kills it.


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