Aug 8, 2020

The Perfect Lover (1976)

(Original Title: La amante perfecta) A Spanish film about a movie star who gets scammed by a suave con artist, and her career and life are ruined when she is framed for jewelry theft.

 It's the world premier of the famous Lina Rey film, La Amante Perfecta

 Lina Rey (Nadiuska) is an A list celeb, and Irene  (Helga Liné) is her assistant.

 Lina has fallen in love with Raúl (Arturo Fernández).

Raúl, however, is working with Irene to scam her.

Lina's musical performance is something to behold.  I dig those outfits!

 Lina will be the spokeswoman for Daumier jewels.

 This falls right into their plan; Raúl just needs to lure Lina in a little closer.

Raúl has sex with Lina by the fire.

 Lina modeling

Time to put the plan in action. The Daumier jewels are being showcased....

 When the flashbulb momentarily blinds everyone, Raúl takes the jewels. 

Lina is blamed for the theft.  She does prison time, and her career is ruined.

 She's now basically a low wage stripper. 

She tries to kill herself by slitting her wrists with broken glass.

She doesn't die, but is still trying.. this time drinking herself to death.

Raúl finally turns himself in, exonerating Lina.  He winks as he goes up the escalator. 

It's nothing special, but it's still better than you might think.  The movie rolls along at a decent pace, and Nadiuska always does a good job - here conveying suicidal misery quite well.

Double Feature: Very similar to another Spanish film, Jill (1978).  Once again, the celeb is taken advantage of by her assistants - and she tries to kill herself.

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