Aug 3, 2020

Jill (1978)

Raquel Evans stars in this Spanish "destape" film about an American celebrity who gets used and abused by stardom.

 I watched this film because of Raquel Evans, but mainly because I've really like Enrique Guevara's films - What A Mess They Got Me Into! (1980) in particular.

 A crowd gathers at a fancy hotel for the arrival of the American celebrity, Jill (Raquel Evans).

 The press adores her, and she relishes the limelight.

 Maureen (Mireia Ros) is her assistant, and translates for the paparazzi. 

 Natalia (Lynn Endersson) is another part of her entourage. 

 Jill enjoys the "Costa Brava", on the coast of Catalonia

 We get a sense that Maureen is a bit "off".

 Jill's entourage - almost too attentive and smothering.

 Jill and Natalia have sex, while Natalia's husband Arturo (Daniel Martín) watches.

 Maureen gives Jill a talking-to, for behaving like a whore.

 Then they have sex.

 It's party time; Jill cuts loose.

 Maureen is fuming with disapproval.

 Jill takes a liking to a waiter, Luis (Máximo Valverde)

Jill is forbidden to be with the humble waiter by her handlers.  She jumps in the pool, dreaming of drowning.

 Soaking wet, she confronts Maureen.

 Maureen gives her a heavy dose of tranquilizer.

Jill is barely conscious, and Maureen has her sign on the dotted line.

 Jill is out.

 We see that Maureen, Natalia and Arturo are all in this evil scheme together.

"Jill's Show"

 Jill dances fully naked behind a sheer shawl.

Maureen finds Jill has OD'd.

Maureen frantically tries to wrestle her awake.  It's no use, but a doctor is called and is able to save her.  

 Make no mistake, Maureen is happy Jill is alive simply because she's her bread and butter.

 Jill gives the suicide thing another go with a knife to the gut.

Jill is once again saved, and we hear her thoughts - she wishes she was dead. THE END

Except to see Raquel Evans' boobs, I'm at a loss as for any other reason to watch this movie.  It's depressing, slow paced, and stocked with unlikable characters.  Spectacularly un-entertaining.

Double Feature: Another cautionary tale of the perils of stardom - Cool It, Carol! (1970)


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