Aug 1, 2020

Hooray for Divorce! (1982)

Fernando Esteso comedy from Spain about a guy whose day has come: Spain has made divorce legal.  Now he can separate from his wife - but he will have to contend with the two women he has on the side, both of whom have a child from him.

 Man, it's hard to believe Spain took this long to legalize divorce.

 David (Fernando Esteso) and Angélica (María Salerno) are married - but not for long.  The long awaited day of legal divorce has arrived.

 Laly (Vanessa Hidalgo) is one of two women David has on the side.  Both women have a child from hims.

 Susi (Nadine Rochex) is his other side action.  Susi is not near as complacent as Laly, and aggressively pursues him.

 The have sex.  (Why in the world do all these beautiful women adore this dope?)

Nadine Rochex provides one of the longest nude scenes you'll ever see.  This 10 minute long scene contains a lot of dialog, all performed completely in the buff.  In terms of having to deliver lines and carry on a scene while naked, I'd rank this up there with with the best for it's "holy shit is she still naked?" factor.

 Although divorce is legal, they still don't allow you to marry two women.  So, David delivers the bad news to Susi.

 She pulls a gun on him.

 David manages to scamper out of there alive.

 Susi shows up at Laly's place.

When David arrives, Susi shoots him - but it's full of blanks.  David basically just has a heart attack.

 At the hospital Susi and Laly get to know each other and join forces.

Through a series of events Susi and Laly wind up at David's place where Angélica's  father (Manuel Alexandre) is a gracious host for the guests.

Of  course, Angélica has no clue what's going on under her nose.  Susi acts as the maid.

David down by Laly's legs; all manner of wacky hi-jinx ensue as David deals with having the two "other women" under his roof.

Angélica, Susi and Laly

We do get a little nudity from María Salerno, but it's brief. 

David tries to get on with Angélica, but she literally bites him and throws him out.

David moves on to Laly's room where she's getting out of the shower. Actress Vanessa Hidalgo was only in a few movies, but was quite a memorable in all of them; surprising she didn't do more.  She did this film right before Black Candles (1982), which perhaps explains why she left acting. 

David and Laly are trying to keep it secret from Susi who enters the room...

David must hide, so flees out the window.  Laly frantically runs around naked.

 When Susi arrives, Laly pretents to be sleeping.  The gag is that David has snuck out the window into Susi's room... when she goes back to her room he must have sex with her.  And when he returns to Laly's room, they have sex, etc...

It's all in fast Benny-Hill-style motion, demonstrating how David is being worn out by these ladies.

 Angélica sleeps alone while David is just ravaged night after night.

 Mario (Ricardo Merino) is concerned whether David will make it out of this situation alive.

Susi and Laly are finally married, but it's not to David.

 David and Angélica are back in love and live happily ever after.

Pretty funny - Fernando Esteso is basically a comic genius, so anything he does is great.  Add to that - Nadine Rochex, who is constantly naked, and Vanessa Hidalgo, and you have a winner. The downside is that the whole premise of juggling women is so tired and overdone; so, the movie doesn't really stand out as anything exceptional.  On par with an episode of Three's Company.



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