Aug 17, 2020

Futbol de alcoba (1988)

This is a Rafael Inclán Mexican comedy jam about a female futbol team managed by a bunch of horny guys.  There's a modicum of plot buried here somewhere, but basically it's just an excuse to show off the ladies.

 The coaches.

Rafael Inclán gets a gun to his head from a coach who thinks he's having an affair with his wife (rightly so). One the left is Raúl Padilla  (known as "Choforo") who you may remember from Para todas tengo (1990)

 Diana Herrera is the blonde.

 They win the game and take a party bus to the capital for the finals.

Raúl Padilla blows up a condom, and all manner of silliness ensues.

 The team checks into the posh Flamingo hotel.

 Of course there's a couple of flamboyantly gay guys we can laugh at throughout the film.

 Diana Herrera is indeed having an affair with Rafael Inclán and they arrange to meet.

 They know they're being listened to by her husband so they talk about benign things while they bang.  It's actually rather funny.

 Practice yields plenty of opportunities for T&A.

 Charly Valentino doing his usual fat slob shtick. 

They try to give Rafael Inclán a love interest, but who cares?

Rafael Inclán meets a girl in the hotel lounge named Doris Knight who barely speaks Spanish.  It sounds like she's supposed to be American, but her accent is a bit off.   She's played by Angelica Ferniza who was only in one other film. 

 They have sex in the hotel room.

 Inclán's love interest comes to his room, but hears the sounds of horseplay and leaves.

 They all party down in the disco.

 This poor dope gets in trouble by his wife for staring.  Can you blame him?

 They take the party up to the hotel room.  Doris shows up completely nude.

 Everyone is shocked. But then the party resumes as normal.

I have to say, I'm impressed with Angelica Ferniza who just proudly spends the entirety of this scene (which is a quarter of the film) completely naked.

 The day of the big game arrives.

After the game, they're back on the road, lighting up and taking the party to the next location, THE END

Not so good.  A couple big problems.  First, the party scene lasts fucking forever - like a quarter of the movie.  It just goes on and on, and I completely lost interest.  Second. the film ogles the women too much.  Yes, you heard me say it.  On VZ1 we love the eye candy, but when everything else becomes a distant second, the constant ogling gets old.  We can only be a Tex Avery wolf with eyeballs popping for so long - after a while you have to give us a morsel of something else to hold our interest.


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