Aug 19, 2020

Clothes Off (1995)

(Original Title: Fuera Ropa) Rafael Inclán stars in this "thriller" which basically amounts to him being locked up naked with another naked person in a bank vault for an hour.

Rafael Inclán is a devoutly religious family man, respected among the community.

He's a banker, currently meeting with Leticia Perdigón in his office.

 Stylishly dressed criminals arrive at the bank.

 They hold Leticia and Rafael at gunpoint and demand money from the safe.

They're put in an empty room (an old vault?) and made to strip.

They're gagged and hog tied. 

After the robbers leave, they're able to pull each other's masks off with their teeth.


Eventually they untie each other; Rafael comforts Leticia who's traumatized.

 It's the weekend, so no one is at the bank to find them.

Periodically, we see Rafael's family, playing golf (real and miniature!).  These scenes are just so pointless and silly.

 Leticia notices a window and Rafael lifts her up.

 How did they not notice this fucking window until now?

 Rafael gets quite a view.

Rafael gets a little handsy, but Leticia puts a stop to it.  She makes it clear, she was vulnerable before, but he can step the fuck back now.

Finally, help arrives.

The cops (Patricia Sanchez on the left) rescue them.

 Rafael says an awkward goodbye to Leticia.

 It's even more awkward as she's present while he reads from the bible with his family the next day.

 The detectives work on the case.

She discusses the situation with Rafael when...

Not again!

Once again, they're put in a room and stripped; Patricia Sanchez provides full frontal for this scene.

Rafael gives a smile at the end.  I couldn't tell if this was a sly smirk (as he's more than happy to be alone with a nude woman in a cell again), OR whether he's somehow planning these events as a way for this "holy" man to get his kicks.  

I'm used to seeing Rafael Inclán in eighties sex comedies, where he was hilariously vulgar.  Here, he's just kinda gross and lame.  I'd like to say Leticia Perdigón was good, but every measure is taken to ensure there's no full frontal nudity. Otherwise, she plays a one-note traumatized character.  Everything that happens in the cell are boring - they couldn't even do the tarantula scene right. Ugh. And the periodic check-ins with his stupid daughters are just unbearable.  I can't completely shit on this as if it's the worst thing ever - it's just underwhelming and could have been so much better.

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