Aug 4, 2020

Naked Weekend (1974)

(Original Title: Fin de semana al desnudo) Alfredo Landa and Lina Morgan star in this goofball Spanish comedy involving jewel thieves and murder.

 Rodolfo (Alfredo Landa) is a goofball billionaire who's taking his secretary Octavia (Haydée Balza) to a hotel in Andalucia.

 He's horny as hell; Octavia is agrees to go on the condition he marries her.

 They check in to the Little Andalusia

 He can't keep his hands off her.

Octavio shows him what he's missing, unless he marries her.

Angustias (Lina Morgan) is a waitress/housekeeping staff at the Little Andalucia.

 She also wants a piece of Rodolfo.

Lucía (Helga Liné) is a wealthy widow

She's here with Carlo (Máximo Valverde), a guy with ulterior motives.

 Rodolfo is just perpetually hot and bothered by Octavia.

 Octavia hears suspicious noises coming from the adjoining room and calls the front desk.

 Angustias, who basically runs the place by herself, responds.

 She checks on Lucia and Carlo.  You'll note her box full of jewels.

Angustias does everything in her power to ensure "her man" and Octovia never get a minute alone.  She also is privy to a plan (via telephone eavesdropping) of stealing Lucia's jewels.

Carlos has two idiotic dudes, Guadalupe (Antonio Ozores) Aniceto (Toco Gómez), tasked with getting the jewels using a service elevator - and swapping them with fake ones.

 Lucia and Carlos get into a fight; he smacks her and she falls onto the furniture and dies.

 Angustias strolls in at just the wrong time.

 She finds Lucia dead and runs screaming.

 Rodolfo is finally making headway...

 Angustias barges in and warns them of the danger.

 Carlos comes a knockin'.  The gang bars the door.

 Carlos is actually a pimp, and he's working with Laura (África Pratt)

 Octavia, Augustias and Rodolfo cower in fear.

 Augustias decides she will spend the night; Rodolfo has to sleep in the bathtub.

 The irony of having two ladies in your hotel room, yet Rodolfo has to sleep alone.

 The girls hear the criminals breaking in.

Don't ask.

They finally confront each other in the kitchen.

It turns into a pie fight.  Yeah, that's right.

 Lucia is actually not dead; and the police arrive to save the day.

Rodolfo has been badly injured by a bull, but now Augustina has him right where she wants him.

Yeesh.  This was really silly... just nonstop cheesy goofballery.  I'm okay with stupid escapism, especially in these trying times, it can be therapeutic.  But this was just too dumb and unfunny.  I do like Lina Morgan and did appreciate Haydée Balza's cleavage throughout. 


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