Aug 5, 2020

Mud (1977)

(Original Title: Fango) A sappy Spanish romance about a swinger husband who finds himself in a wheelchair, and suddenly the key-party lifestyle goes bye-bye.

 Marion (Ágata Lys)

 She's married to Juan (Rafael Arcos) a writer.

 Ágata Lys is always amazing. 

Juan is a swinger and encourages Marion to experiment too.

Tonight they try wife swapping, but Marion isn't into it. 

 Juan has no such reticence with Rosa Valenty

 The swingers game really doesn't work unless partners are down for it.

You feel bad for Carlos (Héctor Alterio) whose wife is busy swinging with Juan, while he's stuck with this.

 Next, she's talked into a party.

 It's like a key party where names are drawn from a bag.

Things take a turn when Juan is in an accident.

 He's paralyzed but Marion still loves him.

 In the bedroom things get awkward.

 It just ain't workin'.

Lots of shots of Marion in deep reflection.

 Marion gets with another guy - but it's not behind Juan's back.  He encourages it.

But in the end, the couple works it out.

Good grief.  I enjoy a good seventies movie about swingers and key-parties; but this was a little too sappy and melodramatic. Not much happens in this slow moving flick, but it is nice to bask in the seventies-ness of it all.  So much of the film is spent just looking at Ágata Lys; while she's certainly worthy of constant ogling, but it makes for a hum-drum film.

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