Aug 3, 2020

Wife and Lover (1981)

(Original Title: Esposa y amante ) A Spanish drama starring Concha Velasco about the slow dissolution of a family, resulting in the daughter's suicide attempt.

 Marisa (Victoria Abril) has slit her wrist.

 Marisa's mother Luisa (Concha Velasco) thinks back to when they were a happy family. Pedro (Ramiro Oliveros) is the loving husband - everything is right with the world.

Luisa and Pedro host a party.

Luisa catches Pedro fooling around with a party guest.  The cracks in the family unit are beginning to show.

After the party, Luisa sits alone.

Pedro isn't feeling the least bit guilty.

He pulls her into bed, and his infidelity is soon forgotten.

Time passes, and the couple go on a romantic getaway.

In the hotel room.

Luisa takes a shower.

Luisa talks with her friend: I love shots of old grocery stores.

Luisa catches Pedro fooling around at a hotel.  This is the final straw.

Luisa tries to pack her bags and Pedro gets violent. 

Luisa files for a divorce and is introduced to Mario (Ricardo Merino).

Luisa and Mario get involved.

Concha Velasco provides a good deal of let's call it "incidental nudity" in this film.

Pedro hits on one of his daughter Marisa's friend, Cristina (María Vico)

Cristina at Pedro's place.

Obviously, this is problematic.

Marisa confronts her father, and they get in a big fight.

Another great grocery store shot.

It ends at the hospital; Marisa is alive, but it's not exactly promising that her family will be back to the way it once was.

A pretty lame and forgettable melodrama.  The acting was good and it's filmed well enough, but not much elevating this above a TV soap opera.

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