Aug 14, 2020

Eros Hotel (1980)

Features Vanessa Hidalgo who ended her 10-movie filmography with Black Candles (1982) so automatically deserves a look. Of course, this is really Violeta Cela's jam, where she delivers quite a performance as the boppy, energetic and oft-nude niece in this film about an aphrodisiac unleashed at a Turkish hotel.

The film starts out at "11" with Daniela (Violeta Cela) and her boyfriend Roberto jumping around to a disco beat on her radio.  It's often said of films released around this time that they are "cocaine fueled"... but that description is probably over-used. However, it definitely applies here.  This is a film clearly 100 percent powered by nose candy.  This film and Get Crazy (1983) are, of all the films I've seen, the most imbued with that manic cocaine energy.

 Three couples from different parts of Western Europe decide to holiday in Istanbul.

 Daniela is the niece of the Italian couple, and is invited to come along.

 It being Turkey, she takes immediate use of the baths.

This hotel worker takes a liking to Daniela.  He'll figure prominently into the story, but I don't think they ever say his name.  We'll just call him "the Turk": he's played by Ünsal Emre.

 Like I said, "cocaine".

 The Turk tries to flirt with Daniela, but she's taken - she has a boyfriend named Roberto back home.

 Violeta Cela is naked for most of this film. We encountered Cela in The Prick (1981), but she took a backseat to a bevy of other nude Spanish stars.  We'll hopefully get to more of her films.

 Daniela calls her beau Robert.

 She masturbates with his picture.

Back in the Turkish bath, Daniela is assisted by a muscular staff.

 That's Vanessa Hidalgo in front; we'll see more of her later.

Daniela finds that the Turk is a bit of a mad scientist.

He also has a setup where they can view each room in the hotel.

They spy on Berta (Vanessa Hidalgo) and her husband.

The film makes use of its exotic locale as the couples tour the ancient city.

 Daniela is upset that she drank an aphrodisiac concocted by the Turk in his mad scientist lab.

Daniela goes off the rails, becoming a rabid nympho.  The Turk monitors on his high-tech system.

 Daniela sneaks into the shower of one of the couples and temps the guy.

Daniela becomes addicted to the aphrodisiac. It's hard to put into words how crazy this shit makes Daniela - she acts like she's on a near-lethal does of speed.  It's insane.

Daniela, all hot-and-bothered, goes for the Turk's colleague.

 Daniela talks to Roberto while getting pounded.

The couples have a party, and the Turk spikes drinks with the aphrodisiac.

Liliana (Guia Lauri Filzi) gets overwhelmed by the potion and is carried to the bedroom where they have mad sex - much to her satisfaction, as she was becoming disappointed in her partner's lack of bedroom skills.

 Berta (Vanessa Hidalgo) is also hopped up on the Turk's libation.

So far, the Turk hasn't been able to use the aphrodisiac to his advantage with Daniela.  Now his time has come.

Just when he's finally able to score with Daniela, she gets a call that Roberto has arrived.

Fittingly, it ends with Daniela getting naked for Roberto's arrival, then they dance around like their just so coked and happy it's crazy. THE END

Well, it certainly isn't lacking in energy and nudity.  Everything else is sorta so-so; although, perhaps its inherent oddness (mad scientist lab, really?) and disco vibe will provide some interest. Violeta Cela is a stone cold fox.


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