Aug 1, 2020

The Last Party (1978)

(Original Title: El último guateque) A nostalgic look at growing up in 1960s set in Grenada; a bunch of teen romances suffice for stories when the main gist is to just bask in reminiscence a la Diner or Heaven Help Us

I'm not even going to attempt to outline the story as per usual; there are so many soap-opera-esque dramatic twists and turns.

 Three friends have a look at a skin magazine.

 Maribel (Cristina Galbó)

Typical strict conservative family, as always in these movies - as if literally every adult was dour and bereft of personality and life back in those days.  I swear, the Baby Boomer view on any generation but their own is always disgusting.

 While I won't go into the constant ups and downs of the romantic story lines, I can comment on the way the picture looks - which is amazing.  Each frame is like a postcard from 1962.

 A happening party.

 Maribel and her true love 

Like Porky's, King Frat, etc. the guys visit a house of prostitution. 

The red-headed prostitute Purita (Amel Amor) introduces herself.

 Amel Amor provides the only full frontal nudity in the film.

 Pepa (Nadia Morales)

 Maribel gives it up for Juan (Miguel Ayones)

Cristina Galbó providing a topless scene

The two friends clash over Maribel.

Maribel's college roommate Adriana (Sandra Alberti)

Sandra Alberti starred in Satan's Blood (1978), one of the greatest satanic horror films of all time.  She also had a bit part in Historia de 'S' (1979)

Time passes.  Maribel dreams about Juan - her true love lost.

Life sucks. THE END

Well, I thought it would be more of an exploitation film; it turns out to be a rather tame and boring romance.  I suppose if you have nostalgic feelings towards living in Grenada in the sixties, this might be interesting.  But for the rest of the world, this is just pointless melodrama. All of this is made worse by the fact that Cristina Galbó and Nadia Morales look almost identical, so it was really hard to tell them apart. Ugh - not worth the effort. Fast forward to the prostitute scene, then call it a day.


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