Aug 4, 2020

The Recommended (1985)

(Original Title: El recomendado) A Fernando Esteso comedy from Spain about a dimwit who Mr. Magoo's his way to a high position at a company and into the pants of the ladies along the way.

Pablo Munilla (Fernando Esteso) is a P.I. assigned to follow a businessman's wife.

The wife, Teresa (Rosa Valenty), easily figures out she's being followed, and gives a sign.

 Teresa gets a massage.

A nice gratuitous full frontal from Rosa Valenty.
 Teresa confronts Pablo - she knows her husband is paying for him to spy on her.

 Teresa knows the way to Pablo's heart.

They have sex in his little car.

 They're caught by Pablo's boss and he's fired.  So she gives him a job at the company she owns and her husband works.  Of course, she isn't doing it out of the goodness of her heart... this is a way for her to have a guy on the inside who can monitor her husband's bad behavior.

 Clemente Lapotegui (Antonio Ozores) is Teresa's husband.

At work, he acts like a moral authoritarian.  He catches a couple co-workers having a go in the office supply room.

He scolds Gloria (Lucía Peralta) and Velasco (Arévalo ) for their bad behavior.

 Señorita Ruiz (Concha Rosales), the secretary.

 It seems everyone at this office is perpetually hot and bothered.

Pablo runs into another office mate, Luisa (Adriana Vega).

 Luisa is having a fling with Clemente. What an asshole.  He hires a PI to spy on his wife and goes around condemning office relationships - while at the same time doinking Luisa.

Luisa and Clemente have arranged a secret getaway at a lakeside hotel. The maid is Brígida (Azucena Hernández)  Sadly, Hernández's career was prematurely ended by a serious car accident in Las Rozas de Madrid, on the night of 15 to 16 October 1986, in which she suffered severe spinal cord injuries.

Since she has Pablo on the inside, Teresa is wise to Clemente's getaway with Luisa.  So, she checks in to the same hotel.

Clemente talks with Brigida, oblivious that his wife is also here.

Teresa doesn't realize Brigida is hiding in the closet.

She flirts with the hotel waiter.

When there's a knock at the door, she throws the waiter into the closet - not realizing Brigida is also in there.

Pablo discovers them both.

Things come to a head between Clemente and Teresa; Luisa and Pablo sit awkwardly together.

A very funny scene: Pablo and Luisa pretend to be a pair in order to save Clemente.

Teresa says that, if they really are a couple, then they should get intimate and prove it.  So, they go to the bedroom.

Teresa and Brigida come to blows.

Initially, just to save Clemente's butt, Pablo and Luisa go to bed.

It all gets sorted out.

Epilogue: Pablo ha been promoted.

He's still having a fling with Teresa.

We also find that he and Luisa are an item.  THE END

It's a fairly well-worn and contrived plot.  But the comic genius of Fernando Esteso and Antonio Ozores can make even the most overdone and tired plot entertaining.  It also helps to have Rosa Valenty constantly showing us her boobs.

Double Feature: For more bad behavior at the office, you can't beat The Office Party (1968)

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