Aug 13, 2020

The Manosanta Is Loaded (1987)

(Original Title: El manosanta está cargado) The great Argentinian comedic actor Alberto Olmedo in one of his last films. A Manosanta is a healer (specifically using hands to heal). 

 Alberto Olmedo plays Alberto Capeletti, a lowly worker at a locksmith/security business.  His boss is Alvarez (Javier Portales).

 Alberto is in love with Adriana (Adriana Brodsky), the boss' daughter.

 Adriana could care less about Alberto; she likes Adrián Martínez (Adrián Martel)

 Alvarez, like all bosses in comedies back then, is fooling around with his secretary, Susana (Susana Romero).

 Alberto is clueless as always.

 Alvarez's wife is Silvia (Silvia Pérez).

 Alberto is tasked with installing a safe under the painting.  And so he does.

 Adriana does aerobics.

 Alberto, constantly trying to get in with Adriana, is dressed as a woman.

 Of course we get the locker room scene, where Alberto is assumed to be a woman.  How many times have we seen this gag played out? Countless.

 Sylvia is at the health club and gets a massage from Alberto.

 We get some rather "indecent" views up Silvia's backside during this scene.  Silvia Pérez was always stunning, and never disappoints when it comes to nude scenes.

 Alberto Olmedo gets a chance to show his genius.  The way this guy could react was just next-level hilarious. 

 Alberto stumbles into the next room where Adriana is getting a tan.

 After one failure after another, Alberto goes to see a guru - Pai José (Vicente La Russa) to help him get his life in order. 

 Alberto picks up on what a scam the "pai" racket is and decides to become one himself. 

 He becomes El "Manosanta", operating a "curros" business to bilk people out of their money and to lure in hot women.

 Beatríz (Beatriz Salomón) is selected to be his assistant.

 Of course he has to inspect first.

 Let the scamming begin.

 Still no headway with Adriana.

 Susana (Susana Romero) decides she's going to see the guru.

 This woman (? actress) throws herself at the guru.

 Whoever this actress is, we get some rather interesting views as she rolls around on the bed.

 Would you believe, Silvia is next on his list?

 Alvarez checks on his daughter...

 Victory for Alberto.  He's finally able to get in the sack with Adriana.

Sadly, no part 2 would be released.  Alberto Olmedo would star in just two more films - Galería del terror (1987) and Atracción Peculiar (1988).  Sadly, in 1988 Olmedo, drunk and horsing around with his wife (pregnant at the time), fell from an 11th floor balcony to his death.  His mother died almost immediately upon hearing the news, and his comedic partner, Jorge Porcel, became clinically depressed for years.

On a lighter note, this film is plenty stupid, but sure to bring a smile to your face. The story is the same old bullshit, and there's the plentiful eye candy from the actresses, but the real joy comes from watching Olmedo do his thing.

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