Aug 8, 2020

The Greenhouse (1983)

(Original Title: El invernadero) A socially awkward loner is lured in by a mysterious girl.  Once the trap is set, this movie goes completely off the rails.  Starring VZ1 favorite Berta Cabré. 

Carlos Jiménez (Ovidi Montllor) is a socially awkward loser.

 One day, he encounters a mysterious girl named Berta (Berta Cabré)

 All alone in his apartment.

He happens upon Berta getting beat up by a guy, and he saves her. (Not realizing this was a setup)

Berta takes a shower at his place; Berta Cabré providing FFN.

 We get a sense that Berta isn't the nice girl Carlos thinks she is.

 He watches her and takes pictures of her naked from his apartment.

 One evening, he's lured by Berta to a greenhouse.

Berta and her boyfriend (Bernard Seray) have played a cruel prank on him.

 The boyfriend stuffs Carlos' head in water reservoir and drowns him.

 Berta didn't expect the "joke" to go this far.

This is where the film gets really fucking weird.  Carlos turns into a plan creature (!) and calls Berta back to the greenhouse telepathically where she is killed.

 Víctor Israel, who works in the greenhouse, is needlessly killed.

 The boyfriend is telepathically called to the greenhouse where he is killed as well.

We get a look at the greenhouse creature at the bitter end.  Man, it would have been much cooler to have had this monster in more than just the last frame!

It's an objectively terrible movie, but I have to give it props for taking me in directions I didn't expect.  I certainly wouldn't have predicted the prank-taken-too-far trope would lead to a telepathic greenhouse monster.

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