Aug 15, 2020

The Stallion (1989)

(Original Title: El garañón) Another Alberto Rojas sex comedy featuring all the usual Mexican babes that seemed to show up in every film from this era: Rebeca Silva, Maria Cardinal, Rosario Escobar, and Gioconda.

  Alberto Rojas is a shawl salesman on death's door.  The bowl cut boy is his only son. 

 Alberto Rojas passes away.

His son ladles the pulque. Delish.

 Years pass, and  Alberto Rojas has all grown up (and retained the bowl cut).  He's carried on the tradition of selling shawls.  But he's a lonely virgin.

Rojas delivers a box of shawls to a bunch of prostitutes; there he attracts the attention of María Cardinal 

 She gets him drunk and unleashes the party animal in Rojas.

It seems Rojas has inherited the gifts that gave his father the moniker "the Stallion".

 He tries to leave, but his prowess in bed is so potent, María Cardinal begs him to stay.

 On his shawl-selling route, he comes across Rosario Escobar.

 Rojas is on a roll - doing it with Rosario Escobar in the showre.

 Next, he moves on to Gioconda, who lives under a very sheltered and protective home.

But she can't resist the Stallion.

 Claudia Guzmán is next.

At the funeral of Roberto 'Flaco' Guzmán (there's a whole sub-story here we won't go into) we see the sad widow, Rebeca Silva

 Rojas feigns grief. 

 Rebeca Silva goes home and gets undressed.

Rojas surprises her by coming out from under her bed.  But she's soon wooed by the Stallion.

Eventually, the townsfolk start to put two-and-two together, finding their wives and daughters pregnant, and it's traced to the lowly shawl salesman.

 The son of Roberto 'Flaco' Guzmán, in full devil costume, puts an end to the Stallion's antics.

In the incident, Rojas loses both of his balls (!) and how he's flamboyantly gay, and no threat to the community.  THE END

Well, it's your typical Rojas joint, with plenty of naked ladies, lots of musical performances, and overflowing with crazy energy. Nothing elevating above the stack.

Double Stack: Another film featuring a poor nitwit who impregnates an entire village; until the village rises up and expels the man with special powers in the sack: El semental de Palo Alto (1988).


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