Aug 2, 2020

The Intimate Diary of a Cabaret (1989)

(Original Title: El diario íntimo de una cabaretera) A Mexican drama starring Angélica Chain which seems like it's right out of the pages of those fotonovelas like Casos de Alarma!

 Martha (Lina Santos) is a lounge singer

She's pregnant and goes to visit her lover at work...

 Not only is he with another woman - but he's married - this is his wife. 

"Man, what's her problem?"

 Martha drops her twins off on the church steps.

 Then, she kills herself.

The twins Jessica and Angélica go to two very different homes. Angélica has big birthday parties and has a happy successful childhood.

Jessica, on the other hand, has a verbally abusive prostitute mother, shitty home life and is getting in trouble at school.

Currently she's in trouble for reading these tawdry fotonovelas I spoke about at the top.  These are great.

 Angélica Chain plays Jessica all grown up.

 She's currently in the hospital for intentionally getting hit by cars (for lawsuit money).

 Jessica has no conscience, and is just an overall bad person.

 Angélica Chain also plays Angélica; a law school graduate and is getting married to a guy named Julio.

We see Angélica and Julio have sex... because, well, it's an Angélica Chain movie.

 Angélica leads the charmed life.

Jessica meets a businessman, César Bono.  Very bizarre to hear Bono talk normal - I though that comedic gravel voice he's known for was his real voice.

 Angélica has been appointed director of a prison.

Another gratuitous sex scene featuring Angélica

 Jessica marries César Bono, but is soon back out on the street.

 She goes home with two guys.

I'm always a bit surprised at how graphic Angélica Chain's sex scenes can get.

 Jessica steals from the safe from her husband's business.

They get in a fight over it, and she straight-up kills his ass.

 Then disposes of the body.

 Jeannette Mass is a prisoner who is forced to prostitute herself. 

 The guards have set up a sex slavery operation in the prison.

 Jeannette Mass tells Angélica about the sex slavery operation.

As payment for spilling the beans to Angélica, she's brutally murdered.

 This film could almost be considered a WIP (Women In Prison) flick.

 Angélica's poor husband is murdered by the escaped prisoners.

Jessica has moved on to another husband, Marcelo (Hugo Stiglitz)

Marcelo's son doesn't approve of Jessica. His concern proves accurate when Marcelo dies.

Lots of talking, blah blah blah.  Eventually the authorities are on to Jessica's deadly business.

Jessica is hauled into prison. THE END

I'll watch anything with Angélica Chain as you know it will be sleazy and entertaining.  This had that fotonovela Casos de Real and Casos de Alarma! vibe that I enjoy. I will say the whole prison business was an odd choice to bring into this film, as had precious little to do with the twins' discordant lives, and seemed like an unnecessary subplot. 

Double Feature: You have to go with El día de los albañiles 2 (1985) as it as Angélica Chain again playing a naughty red-haired twin. Also featuring our boy Hugo Stiglitz. 

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