Aug 5, 2020

Two Careful Fellows (1989)

(Original Title: Dos tipas de cuidado) A 1953 Mexican film which was hugely popular and much respected.  I'm not sure the relation to this film other than just feminine play on the title. Sasha Montenegro stars, and that's really about the only reason to watch.

 Not even going to attempt a thorough overview of this film; it was so typical, with only Montenegro's usual sizzle making things worthwhile.

 Sasha Montenegro is a burlesque dancer in the big city.

Her friend is played by Lilia Prado, who was a striking beauty in her day.

 Montenegro is involved with a murderous crime boss.

 She and her friend escape to a hotel in a small town.

 This, to me, was the only genuinely funny scene in the movie.

 This guy cracked me up.

 The ladies basically hatch a plan to bilk the local men out of their money.

A lot of rich local yokels are smitten by the big-city sexpot.

Roberto Montiel is among her suitors - but he's a studly helicopter pilot policeman.

So unbelievably cheesy - they sing a duet.

 Sasha keeps her goofball rich guys strung along for gold-digging purposes.

Sasha gets a look at what's in the pilot's wallet and is impressed.

 They skinny dip.

 Manuel 'Loco' Valdés is another wealthy gentleman.

 A bit of full frontal from Montenegro.

 Lilia Prado hams it up.  You can tell she had fun with the role, but it's all pretty cringey. 

 The crime boss catches up with her.

 He likes it rough. (A bit disturbing actually, as she burns a cigarette on his neck)

Manuel 'Loco' Valdés is buried alive.  Isn't that hilarious? 

Just when you think Sasha will end up alone, her dashing pilot lands and sweeps her away.

There is no reason for this film to exist.  The story is tired and lazy, a blight on Ismael Rodríguez's filmography.  Aside from spotting familiar old Mexican actors and comedians, not much reason to watch.  You can see Sasha Montenegro naked in pretty much every movie she made, so not even that is a good excuse to check this one out.  

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