Aug 21, 2020

Two Nacos on the Planet of the Women (1991)

(Original Title: Dos nacos en el planeta de las mujeres) A Sci-Fi comedy from Mexico starring Alberto Rojas as an astronaut who lands on a planet full of women.  "Nacos" is a derogatory term for a trashy tourist. 

 Great opening credits.

 Central command, where the rocket is set to launch.

 Alberto Rojas lands on a strange desert planet.

 It's inhabited only by women, with Jacaranda Alfaro their queen.

 Lucero Reynoso is like her right-hand sorceress 

 But she's not as loyal to the queen as everyone thinks.

Their startled by the arrival of César Bono, Rojas' fellow astronaut, who falls through the ceiling.

 Of course he leverages this to have sex with Herrera

 One of the warriors is dead, a dagger in her stomach.

 She's discovered by another warrior - who is also killed.

 The assassin is Azela Robinson who obtains the precious semen.

 Rojas' crash site is discovered by two of the queen's scouts...

 They see Rojas inside; Adriana Rojas strips and goes in.

 Afterwards, she's completely worn out, never having encountered a man before.

Lucero Reynoso has César Bono behind bars, prepared for extraction...

 Yes, semen is suctioned from the poor guy.

Rojas is led to the sacred cave where Manuela is said to have lived; but they only find her grave.

Rojas dresses as Manuela and is worshiped by the queen and her minions.

 Rojas always loved the musical numbers.  Manuela breaks into song and the ladies dance.

 Manuela picks one of the warriors...

 When starts to get grabby with her, she pulls away.

 The metallic headboard falls on her and kills her.

 So, Manuela just moves on to another warrior who is a bit more agreeable to strip...

Azela Robinson secretly plants a tarantula on the sacred bed.

 The plan backfires and it kills Lucero Reynoso

Just when Rojas is about to be hanged, another spacecraft crash lands and they are overrun by horny men. THE END

It was nice to see Mexican comedy branch out a little bit.  There were hundreds of comedies starring Rojas, Zayas, ect. and while they could be quite good, they were all very similar.  Only occasionally would they dip into other genres such as horror. That being said, they definitely toned down the sleaze (perhaps because this was bigger budget and they wanted a wider appeal); but that is where Mexican comedies shined. Also, Lorena Herrera is totally wasted - only a small part amounting to nothing. So, a bit of a disappointment, but still a fun watch.


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