Aug 1, 2020

Two Lucky Truckers (1989)

(Original Title: Dos camioneros con suerte) Alfonso Zayas and Jorge Rivero star in this Mexican comedy about two losers who get mistaken for secret agents.  Starring a ton of familiar faces of Mexploitation including Gioconda, Maribel 'La Pelangocha' Fernández, Jeannette Mass, María Cardinal, and Lizbeth Olivier.

 Alfonso Zayas and Jorge Rivero are two truckers.  Zayas, the goofy comic relief, and Rivero the super stud.  Their boss is Roberto 'Flaco' Guzmán.

 Zayas could be such a ham

 The guys lose their truck to a cargo cartel.

 The police are after them next; they escape in a police car and head to the airport.

 From Mexico City to Cancun

They're mistaken for top secret agents, and introduced to a "Q" character who shows them the various gadgets for their next mission.  This is a perfume that will make them irresistible to women.

 The scientist sprays it on Zayas and Rivero.

 The lab assistant tears her coat off and jumps their bones, unable to control the lust triggered by the perfume.

The guys are booked a room at the Presidente on the Cancun shore 

 From loser trucker to secret agents staying at a ritzy hotel - they've really landed on their feet.

 The evil criminals include the always-gorgeous María Cardinal 

They meet their female agent colleagues - Marcia (Maribel Fernández) and Brenda (Jeannette Mass)

Maribel Fernández, "La Pelangocha", is full of attitude as always.  She's an acquired taste, but I love her.  And we may have found the one film Jeannette Mass is in where she does not get naked.

Zayas uses the perfume, and a line of women forms behind him.

 They wait in line outside his hotel room.

One girl after another strips naked and aggressively jumps his bones.

 Another girl (? actress) takes her turn.

 Lizbeth Olivier plays the next girl in line.

While Zayas is getting sequentially laid, Rivero is on a jet ski chase.

 Marcia and Brenda contribute precious little.

 This and that happens as the evil criminals try to take them out - a snake, a bomb in an elevator, etc.

 María Cardinal and the other criminals plot their next scheme.

 Rivero gets a chance to flex his muscles as he takes out henchmen with sandbags.

 Zayas gives his perfume another go with Gioconda, a sculptor.

 She strips and the get busy on the couch.

 Gioconda hears her husband come home early; she tells him to get lost.

Acting quickly, Zayas pretends to be the artist's model.

 The final confrontation between Zayas and Rivero versus the evil criminals.

Zayas uses his perfume on María Cardinal 

 On cue, she takes off her clothes.

Zayas and Rivero are hailed as heroes.

 The big wedding celebration.

Zayas marries Marcia, and Rivero marries Brenda. THE END

A fun mistaken identity film bursting with stupid energy.  An inordinate amount of time is spent enjoying the effects of the aphrodisiac, as if that was the central plot.  I'm not complaining, but it was a weird addition to the story, and takes up seemingly half the film. 

Double Feature: Instead of a perfume invented by "Q", it's a whistle invented by a socially awkward scientist, in El hombre del pito mágico (1983)

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