Aug 1, 2020

Diversions (1976)

We've covered a good number of Derek Ford films; this is the first Rated-X adult film we've encountered.  In fact, I didn't know Ford ventured into this domain.  This one is simply about a woman who has several sexual fantasies over the course of a boring train ride.

Imogene (Heather Deeley) is on a train ride.  We've seen Deeley in Intimate Games (1976) and Girls Come First (1975).  She's a very beautiful woman; interesting she tried the porn route for at least a couple pictures.

 She sees a passenger reading Vampirella (I loved that comic back in the day), and thus begins her fantasies...

 She imagines having sex with him.

 In the fantasy she stabs him to death then gets off on the blood.

 It gets even more macabre...

She has sex with the dead guy and then... well, I'll leave it at that.  I'd say this was a huge mistake putting the most shocking scene by far at the start of the picture.  It makes everything else from here seem anticlimax.

In the next story, Imogene is plagued with calls for the previous owner of the house, a call girl. 

 A man arrives at the front door.  She assumes he's here to have sex, responding to the call girl's ads in the paper.

 Of course, he's here for something innocent, but she continues to misinterpret everything he's saying to mean sex.  And she finds him handsome so is happy to go along with it.

The repair man is shocked to find her undressed when he returns to the room.  But he goes along with it too.

 In the next fantasy, she's being tortured by soldiers.

 On to the next fantasy - she's asleep in a tub.

 She hears something in the living room and investigates.

 It's the old camera she purchased.

 She playfully poses for it.

 Imogene soon finds there's something haunted about this camera.

She sees a ghost in the mirror and faints.

 She awakens to find herself in the distant past, posing for the same camera. Then they have an orgy.

The train reaches the station and she hooks up with another passenger. THE END

I have to say, Derek Ford does do a good job of creating a very dark and surreal vibe throughout. It does feel like a twisted sexual nightmare; not in the least bit cheesy as his other pictures. And Heather Deeley is gorgeous.

Double Feature: The perfect match for this is another dark and surreal adult film, with an almost identical vibe: Dark Dreams (1971)


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