Aug 2, 2020

Cured of Dread (1992)

(Original Title: Curado de espantos ) A Mexican horror-comedy about an archaeologist who awakens a vampire.

 Magdalena (Lina Santos) finds an ancient vampire deep in a cave.

 Vladimir kills Magdalena's colleagues then flies outta there.

For claiming she encountered a vampire, Magdalena is locked up in a mental hospital.

Vladimir returns to his ancestral estate where his attended to by his servant played by Tun Tun (José René Ruiz)

 Alfonso Zayas is a shaman

His assistant shaman is the Jacinto, played by the ubiquitous César Bono. The customer today is Michelle Mayer

 She's receiving shamanistic services for enhanced sexual desire.

A kid is possessed by the devil. (Check out the Top Gun poster)

 Zayas and Bono are there to expel the demon.

 The child turns into a sexy woman.

 They're able to knock the demon out.

Vladimir owns a goth nightclub.

I love how the goth nightclub is called "Tiffanys"

 Vladimir's vampire girls.

Vladimir goes looking for victims and finds prostitute drunk, Yirah Aparicio

 Magdalena has been released from the loony bin.  She's doing research on the vampire.

 Magdalena has heard about the shamans in the paper and goes to see them.

Later, she's walking alone at night and stumbles onto Vladimir's club.

The bat looks just like the one on his coffin; so she investigates.

 She comes into direct contact with the vampire.

 After her bath, she finds the bite marks on her neck.  So, apparently she's been bitten.  You'll notice no nudity in this film.  Had this been made just a few years earlier, I guarantee it would have been packed with nudity.

 Magdalena has been acting and looking strange after her bite.  Zayas protects her.

 Vladimir calls to her from the window.

 Jacinto stuffs a bible in his mouth.

 Magdalena is saved by Zayas.

 Magdalena doesn't have the resolve to ram a stake into his heart.

 After nearly dying from burning to death, Vladimir returns to Tun Tun.

One final attack in the park. 

 This time Magdalena does find the resolve and kills Vladimir for good.

 Epilogue: Jacinto becomes a choreographer. 

 Tun Tun is living the dream.

 Zayas and Magdalena got married and have twins.

This was a family-friendly flick; not even close to the sleaze I'm used to with Zayas' comedies. I do enjoy finding monster movies I haven't seen or heard-of before, so this was a treat in that regard.  It's objectively a piece of shit, but I'm a sucker for movies which really follow-through with the Halloween vibe. 

Double Feature: Another family-friendly monster movie with a similar vibe is Los matamonstruos en la mansión del terror (1987).  I absolutely loved that film.

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