Aug 8, 2020

Chely (1977)

A Spanish film about a bunch of hooligans (or more similarly, A Clockwork Orange style droogs) who enjoy "a little of the old ultra-violence".

Meet the youthful offenders: Asun (Josele Román), Nicolás (Fernando Fernán Gómez), Pepi (Nadiuska), Paco (Pedro Mari Sánchez) and Tato (José Maya).

 They laugh as a car is stolen.

 Pepi (Nadiuska) hitch-hikes to lure an old man.

The rest of the gan gsprings out and steals his stuff.

 Pepi has moved on to baiting another rich guy.

 He doesn't even notice the gang creeping up behind him.

Another old dude caught in their web of criminality.

His wife Bianca (Mary Paz Pondal) finds these young men in her home, but isn't alarmed.

 A nice nude scene from Mary Paz Pondal.

Asun and Pepi hang out; I love shots of old pinball machines.

 They work with Beatriz Elorrieta, who isn't in this movie near enough.

In a money swindle, Pepi dresses as a nun then goes into demonic convulsions. 

 Old rich men aren't their only victims - a rich woman, Chol (Isabel Luque), is lured in.

 Isabel Luque provides the only FFN in the film.  Bravo.

When she emerges from the bathroom, she finds the three hooligans waiting for her.

 They hogtie her and raid her home.

 The final scene has Beatriz Elorrieta shoot a guy; demonstrating that this sort of ultra-violence is inevitably going to lead to murder.

So forgettable that by the time I"m finished writing this paragraph I will have already forgotten I'd even watched it. I guess it's a decent enough example of the genre of Spanish exploitation called Quinqui.... but egad was this ever pointless and empty. 

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