Aug 6, 2020

My Darling, What Have You Done To Me? (1979)

(Original Title: Cariño mío, ¿qué me has hecho? ) A Spanish film by Enrique Guevara and Ricard Reguant who were behind a lot of sex comedies of the day.  This one involves a young guy who's obsessed with his aunt.

 Javier (Emilio Álvarez) has come to stay with his late mother's sister at her beach house. He spies her on the shore and takes pictures.

Javier is amazed at how much  Rosa (Lynn Endersson), his aunt. looks like his mother.  And this inspires a strange attraction.

 Rosa is an eccentric, flamboyant, oversexed drama queen.

 Rocío (Alicia Orozco) is the straight-talking maid; perhaps the only sane person in the house.

 His uncle Jorge (Vicente Parra), Rosa's husband.  You'll remember Parra from The Cannibal Man (1972)

 Javier tries to contain his lust for his aunt, but her boobs constantly in his face doesn't make it easy.

 Rosa and Jorge run when they hear Javier scream for help.

 It's their aggressive dog; the funniest thing about this movie in my opinion.

 Javier is slightly injured by the bite, causing Aunt Rosa to over-react and ultimately faint.

 My favorite part of the movie because it's so damn strange and unexpected.... take note of the Pink Panther.

 Rocio sticks the Pink Panther's tail up her skirt and masturbates!

 A couple guests arrive.

 Guests: Laura  (Raquel Evans) and Gina (Mara Laso)

 Aunt Rosa again acting eccentric and oversexed.

 Laura (Raquel Evans) begins her quest to seduce pretty much every person in the household. 

 She even tries to seduce Rocio's lover, Paco (Antonio Maroño).

 Laura moves on to Uncle Jorge

 A very sexy and funny scene as Rosa catches Laura in the tub with Jorge.  She, as per usual, faints.

 Rocio isn't so easy - and confronts the woman.  They fight and Laura has to leave.

 Jorge tries to work it out with Rosa.  Note that this whole situation is a part of Javier's plan to separate the couple so that he can have Rosa for himself.

 Jorge dies in an accident (!) and Javier confesses his love to Rosa.

 They begin to have sex until...

Javier sees she has a dick (!) - what the fuck? We know Lynn Endersson the actress is not a man, but the dick shot is a bit unsettling nonetheless.  Apparently Rosa has been tucking it between her legs all this time.

Javier can't handle it and kills himself in grisly fashion. THE END

Well, points for being weird and fucked up; and points for Raquel Evans' constant bush; and points for masturbation with a Pink Panther tail.  But a massive deduction for the ending, and an overall pointless and unfunny experience.


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