Aug 14, 2020

Belles, blondes et bronzées (1981)

A French "Bronzées" film, which means lots of silliness and very little clothing. 

 Alain (Philippe Klébert) and Marc (Xavier Deluc) are two friends who happen upon a robbery and kidnapping.

 They chase after the criminals with the fainted girl in their car.  They are able catch up with them and somehow end up with their bags of stolen cash.

 To escape capture from the criminals, they try to blend in by being part of this traveling musical act.

 The group's leader is the flamboyantly gay Norbert (Daniel Derval).

 They get on the plane with the group going to Morocco.

 Alain and Marc only just now realize their bags are full of the stolen cash.

 Michèle (Corinne Brodbeck)

 A priest catches sight of her legs and gets a boner.  (Insert laugh track)

 They check into the posh Moroccan hotel.

 Alain and Marc marvel at their stash of loot.

 Maryse (Silvia Aguilar) introduces herself.

 The group turns heads at the pool as most of them are topless.

 Alain gets it on with Maryse.

 Brief full frontal nudity from Silvia Aguilar as she gets out of bed.

 Marc hooks up with Michèle (Corinne Brodbeck), who you'll remember from the plane.

Alain is back in bed with Maryse.

Marc with Michèle (Corinne Brodbeck)

 The girls leave and the Moroccan bellhop is dumbfounded.


The boys find their likeness printed in the paper.  This is bad news as it will lead to their identification; allowing the criminals to find them.

 The boys try to obtain every single copy of the newspaper and burn them.  When the cops investigate, they just pretend they're cold and are burning them for warmth.

The girls practice their routine.

The criminals finally catch up with them.

Maryse and Michèle obliviously lead the criminals to the boys.

 The climactic chase scene has the girls all on mini motorcycles.

On to the next location; Maryse and Michèle are delighted by the stacks of cash in the bags. THE END

Dear god that was stupid.  The guys just run around like fucking Ferris Bueller, where everything goes their way, and they're not concerned for a second.  You're not supposed to take a single frame seriously.  Clearly, the film exists to deliver T&A, but it's actually rather lightweight.  I can't complain too much as Silvia Aguilar is dynamite as always, but otherwise it's kinda weak. I'm all for a dumbshit sex comedy, but c'mon.

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