Aug 8, 2020

Alone in the Dark (1978)

(Original Title: Solos en la madrugada) A recently separated guy who hosts a popular radio show deals with post-Franco life, amid major social and cultural changes in Spain.

 José Miguel García Carande (José Sacristan), a 37-year-old radio host 

He invites the youth and other dissidents to speak on his "opportunistic, cynical and reactionary space” called "Solos en la madrugada"

Some cool shots of the vintage radio control room.

Other nostalgic views of the city in wee hours of the morning.

Three songs are played through the course of the movie on the radio show: “When the sun heats up” (Hermanos Rigual), “Tell Laura I Love Her” (Ray Petersen) and “Unchained Melody” (Righteous Brothers),

He's separated from Elena (Fiorella Faltoyano)

  José has two children, whom he hardly sees. 

A fun look at an arcade as José takes the kids out for visitation.

 He still maintains a cordial relationship with Elana.

José meets Maite (Emma Cohen), who is much younger than him.

 She's much more liberal-minded than him, so it's hard to relate.

She has no problem whatsoever with the sexual revolution.

I have to say - these two have very long deep discussions about the changing times, etc. and all the while Emma Cohen is topless.  It makes it very hard to concentrate. 

 Maite gets closer to  José's life, even spending time with his kids.

  José bounces back in bed with his ex.

 Maite returns...

 José knows she's not faithful to him - openly so.  It's the post-Franco world after all, and it's okay to sleep with anyone anytime anywhere.  Love the one you're with and all that.  But José grew up under the Franco regime, and this all a bit too much to handle. 

 And once again, I had a hard time concentrating as every one of Emma Cohen's monologues are done topless.

Long monologues are the name of the game on this radio show. THE END

This reminded me a lot of "Dream On" where the Baby Boomer is constantly shagging women and is totally self-absorbed, and a product of his traditional conservative past.  I'm not a Boomer nor am I Spanish, so there's a lot here that isn't meant for me. 

Personally, I hate the Baby Boomer media that came out around this time.  Whether it's "thirtysomething", "Dream On", or The Big Chill - it's all a self-absorbed circle jerk. As with ¡Bruja, más que bruja! (1977), this film has only two redeeming qualities and those are Emma Cohen's breasts.

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