Jun 10, 2020

The Sex Killer (1965)

A loner obsessed with mannequins turns his attention to live females. Starring some familiar faces of mid-sixties sexploitation - Helena Clayton, Uta Erickson and Sharon Kent.

Tony (Bob Meyer) is a bit too into mannequins.

He takes a mannequin head home with him on the subway.

The film features some pretty nice street scenes.

Tony likes to stand on the rooftop and, with binoculars, watch topless women sunbathe

Tony picks up a hooker played by Uta Erickson

She gets undressed, but when she finds he's broke, leaves.

Next, we to the always gorgeous and prolific, Sharon Kent

Lots of screen time just watching her in a see-through neglige.

Tony breaks into the apartment and strangles her to death.

Although the film doesn't show it, it's alluded that Tony engages in necrophilia. 

 More creepy mannequins 

Now we meet Helena Clayton, who's slipping out of a see through nightgown.

Helena Clayton was a British actress who appeared  in Nymph's Anonymous (1968), Brick Dollhouse (1967) and other pictures, including an episode of Monty Python.

Back at the mannequin factory, the workers are starting to suspect Tony is the NYC sex killer.

Helena arrives home from work and gets out of her uniform.

Even more creepy mannequins

Helena at home.

This makes the third time we've watched her get undressed.

Tony busts in.

He tells her to cooperate, but she makes a run for it.

So, he strangles her to death.

Again, it's implied Tony engages in necrophilia.

Tony is, once again, on the prowl. 

He barges into the home of this woman (unknown actress).

The woman runs naked to her neighbor, and they get the police.

Tony is chased to the rooftop where he's shot and falls to his death. THE END

Pretty sleazy for '65, and a rather dark film with an Eraserhead vibe.  Not likely to be anyone's favorite film (if it is, I might be a little concerned), but it does make for some seedy entertainment.


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