Jun 13, 2020

Roman Beauty (1978)

(Original Title: Romali dilber) A Turkish sex comedy featuring the always-amazing Zerrin Egeliler; but she's actually just a side character in this film, somewhat of a retelling of Cyrano de Bergerac.

Murat (Ünsal Emre) is trying to make some headway with a girl over the phone...

The girl is the beautiful Melek Meltem (Antonella Monopoli)

Vahide (Zerrin Egeliler) is her maid

Murat also has a servant - (Özcan Özgür) - who is a stuttering moron and infinitely annoying.

I presume Antonella Monopoli was hoping for a musical career (or maybe she already had one?) There are two full music videos in this film; the first song is a dynamite disco track.

Murat continues his courting over the phone, but relies on help for his words.

His butler is no help - goddamn this guy drove me nuts.

Much of this film is simply watching the two sides of phone conversations.

 Antonella Monopoli is super hot; only in two films: this and a smaller part in Antika Karyola (1978)

Murat's manservant hits on Vahide.

He gives her a call and woos her over the phone.

Vahide and the butler have sex.

Murat finally makes his move and goes for it...

The next day, Murat gives Melek a call, and invites her over.

She finds writings of words Murat had spoken to her over the phone - clearly, he hadn't come up with this himself.  Nejat Özbek, Murat's boss, is involved in this equation as well.  She storms out of his house.

After a climactic chase scene, they all end up happy together - Murat and Melek, Vahide and the spastic butler. THE END

A bit unfair to grade the comedy, as I don't speak Turkish and much was lost in translation - and even more lost in cultural distance.  But it was silly enough to keep things fun, and some quality nude scenes from Antonella Monopoli and Zerrin Egeliler; so, not much to complain about, but not much to rave about either.


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