Jun 27, 2020

Narcosatanicos diabolicos (1991)

Mexico City is being ravaged by tainted drugs which cause the user to go insane.  There's also a swinger vampire, a midget cop, a midget satanist, the devil himself, a sex clinic... need I go on? Let's check it out.

 Aida (Rosario Escobar) and Roberto (Alfonso Zayas)

 They have mad sex where Aida is absolutely orgasmic over him.  What's so special about Roberto?  We'll find out.

 Suzette (Lizbeth Olivier), Roberto's cute and perky personal assistant

She gives him a giant blood enema. Roberto is a 2,000 year old vampire.

Meanwhile on the streets of Mexico City, drug users are going nuts killing themselves and others. 

Comic relief detectives José René Ruiz (known asTun Tun) and César Bono  

The deadly cocaine has killed the manufacturers.  The organization is called Narcosatánica

The head of Narcosatánica - you never see his face, he wears a spiked glove and pets a black cat.

 Back to Roberto: he runs a sex clinic, and is currently servicing a client - Jeannette Mass

 At midnight, Roberto has a visitor...

Katharine (Jacaranda Alfaro) is a Hollywood actress who also pays for Roberto's sex clinic services.

Elena (Lina Santos) is Katharine's best friend.

 Katharine takes Elena to Roberto's sex clinic.

 Elena is reluctant but is pressured into seeing Roberto

Roberto remembers Elana's face from hundreds of years ago, and falls instantly in love.  This creeps out Elena who runs out of there.

 Katharine doesn't let her session go to waste.

Elena is married to Ricardo (Roberto Ballesteros) who reads about the satanic epidemic.

Tun Tun and César Bono are tasked with arresting Narcosatánica members.

Of course, they're absolute retards, and let them get away every time.

Ricardo is still obsessed with the Narcosatánica action in the news.  He also never gives Elena the time of day, and she's growing sexually frustrated.

 Check out Elena's hair.  Wow.

 Check out Ricardo's jacket.  Again wow.

A woman (Alicia Camps) walks alone in the subway station.

 She's attacked by a guy who just snorted Narcosatánica cocaine.

Tun Tun and César Bono  arrive and save her... in the stupidest manner possible as always.

A genuinely creepy scene: a satanic ritual led by Aurora Alonso

 A nude girl is being sacrificed.  Narcosatánica members are present.

 Fucking nightmarish.  This is comedy?

Elena has had enough of Ricardo's cold shoulder.  She contacts Roberto for an appointment.

Suzette tries to stop her from interrupting Roberto's karate training, and gets pushed into the fountain.

 Roberto hits on Elena again.  She wants help with her marriage, not to be sexually harassed again.

 She pushes Roberto into the fountain, and he pulls Suzette back in with him.

 Katharine arrives for another session.  Damn I love the wardrobe in this movie.

 Tun Tun and César Bono are captured by Narcosatánica and put in a car with a bomb.

 It explodes, but they survive... they're like fucking cartoon characters.

 Elena receives an invitation to Roberto's Halloween party.

 Ricardo sticks out a bit.  Wearing her costume, Roberto is once again reminded of hundreds of years ago, with a woman just like Elena. 

 Elena begins to fall for Roberto.

Ricardo shows up in his awful jacket and shoots both Roberto and Elena dead. 

 Tun Tun and Rojo arrive and kill Ricardo.

 We see his ring and realize Ricardo was the leader of Narcosatánica.

 Roberto is resurrected by the devil.

 He's brought back home where Elana, also resurrected, is waiting for him.

 THE END.  Greatest end credits ever.

Fucking awesome.  I could have done without the Tun Tun parts, but otherwise this was damn near perfect.  The story couldn't be more fun and amazing - and unexpectedly dark at times.  Full of sexy women (oft naked); gold medal levels of eye candy. Aside from the Tun Tun parts, it never goes over-the-top stupid as Mexican comedies are often guilty of (I'm talking to you, Alberto Rojas).  So, it holds up well, and keeps things really interesting with its creativity - I mean, they didn't have to include the Narcosatánica component and kept it just surrounding the Roberto storyline.  But that makes it so much more entertaining.  A total banger.


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