Jun 25, 2020

Taxi Drivers of Love (1995)

(Original Title: Los taxistas del amor) This Mexican comedy is really about butts and nothing else.  I mean, there's a plot about which pimp will be head pimp... but, in the end, it's really just about butts. Featuring acid-washed Daisy Dukes and a stretch Lamborghini.

 We start with the goings on around Junior's Bar.

Manuela (Mara Castillo) is having a tough time working the street; getting into it with a fat competitor.

Meet super the star of this movie, a super rad pimp called Dandy (Julio Aldama Jr.)

The pimps assess their merchandise.

 La jefa (Melina Star) is introduced to a couple clients.

The trench coat comes off.

The clients pass out drink and La jefa takes their money.

 At the Sindcato Unico de Padrotes Organizados (SUPO) - basically, pimp headquarters

 All the whores want Dandy for President of the Pimps

 His competitor is Catrin (Jorge Aldama)

 La jefa introduces the top girls in their new uniforms for the taxi business they're starting up. The first to model is Manuela.

 La tiburona (Jeny Hill) - the shark

 La pelucas (Jessica Lombardo)

And finally, La jefa herself.

They're perfect.  The whore taxi business is going to be a smash.

 Manuela picks up her first customer.

 La Pelucas picks up a couple young gents.

La tiburona has a flat tire. She has to get out the jack.

 Did I mention this film was primarily about butts?

 La jefa picks up her customer.

 Yes, we're forty minutes into this film before there's nudity.

 The pimps count their loot; business is booming.

 An unexpected musical intermission; we have to listen to this entire song.

La pelucas puts on a show for a group of guys who look like they're still in middle school.

Watching these boys, you can tell they're not acting.  This is probably the greatest moment of their lives.

Jessica Lombardo absolutely kills it in this scene.

 They celebrate in this monstrosity.  What the fuck is this?  

It would be real easy to hate on this, but I actually think the world would be a better place if there were more movies like this.  It's a complicated world that's quickly spiraling down the drain, and it's therapeutic to watch something lighthearted and silly about butts.  So, bravo.


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