Jun 30, 2020

Call of the Vampire (1972)

(Original Title: La llamada del vampiro) A Spanish vampire flick about a small village plagued by the bloodsuckers.  Featuring plenty of beautiful women, including Loreta Tovar.

 The film begins with Margaret (Loreta Tovar), who has turned into a vampire and is killing Barón von Rysselberg (Antonio Jiménez Escribano).

The old house servant is able to save the day and impale her with a stake.

Dr. Greta Materlick (Diana Sorel) is called to the small village.

 Alcalde Christopher Roland (Rafael Vaquero) summoned her to check on Barón von Rysselberg

 Greta has brought her assistant Erica Rosenberg (Beatriz Elorrieta).

 Brenda (Susan Taff) works for Roland.

 She tells them she thinks there are vampires, but everyone thinks she's crazy.

 Greta and Erica are brought to Barón von Rysselberg's castle.

They meet Karl von Rysselberg (Nicholas Ney), who seems a bit "off".

 Greta slips into a sexy nightie and goes to bed.

 Erica is supposed to stand watch over the baron, but she falls asleep.

 The baron sneaks out...

 He goes to the casket of Margaret.

 Erica develops a crush on weird Karl.

 Flashback: Karl tells of his one true love, Margaret - and he lost her forever.

 They were innocently playing hide-and-seek in the ruins when a vampire (Ricardo Vázquez) appeared.

Karl finds Margaret in this state.

 I must admit - I wasn't expecting full frontal nudity.

Greta's colleague, Veronica (Inés Morales), is requested to come to the castle to perform a blood test on the baron.  Morales was in Blue Eyes of the Broken Doll (1974) 

 Dinner at the castle.

 Greta, once again, changes into her nightie for bed.

 She's summoned to the baron's bedside.

Veronica performs the blood test.

 It's a full moon - Karl turns into the vampire.  He goes to Erica's room and bites her neck.

 Erica, now a vampire, hypnotically walks to Margaret's coffin.

 Together, the roam the wilderness looking for victims.

They find a hapless villager.

 Brenda has a word with Sr. Roland.

 She makes it clear that she believes her friend Marisa, currently in a catatonic state, was made this way by an encounter with vampires.

 Roland tells her to go tend to Marisa and quit this vampire bullshit.

 Brenda helps Marisa (María Luisa Tovar) who is currently singing to drive away the fear.

 Marisa goes to her room and takes all her clothes off (!)

 Margaret enters the room, creeping behind her.

 Fuck.  I didn't expect this at all.  

 Brenda is about to undress when Karl the vampire appears.

 Brenda dies.

 Greta finds Brenda's body the next day.

Veronica and Greta discuss.

 Margaret attacks the baron.

 Greta faints, and is carried to the castle dungeon by Karl.

She wakes up to a very Rosemary's Baby scene, with many of the characters looking down upon her.

Greta is chained to the wall and tortured.

 Marisa is also chained up in the dungeon.

 Greta screams with horror, then passes out.

 In the next scene, we find Greta being taken to a mental hospital. Was it all in her head?

The final scene reveals that the ambulance driver is the vampire that roams the ruins. THE END

This was so much fun.  The look and feel was perfect, the story was not at all boring (as some Gothic tales can be), and the sex/nudity was way beyond expectations.  If I had a complaint, it's that the plot was pretty unoriginal: a vampire in a rich family castle... just not a lot of creative ideas.  But everything else about this is dynamite.

Double Feature: The Brides Wore Blood (1972) A vampire movie also taking place at a remote estate, but also very small scale. Also with a trippy ending 


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  1. If I'm not mistaken, to add to the 'dynamite' factor (or to detract from it, if you are so inclined), that unexpected lesbian scene with Margaret and Marisa features real life sisters Loreta and María Luisa Tovar.