Jun 28, 2020

Geilermann's Daughter (1973)

(Original Title: Geilermanns Töchter) This is really just a bunch of bawdy barely-related, barely coherent stories about the inhabitants of a quaint Bavarian town.  Tons of nudity is always guaranteed in an Alois Brummer flick, so let's have a look.

 Fanny (Ilonka List) is the constantly harassed waitress at a small town pub.

Josef (Josef Moosholzer) grabs handful

 So, the guys at the pub start telling stories..

The first is about Detective Schlüpf and his beautiful client (Inga Hoffmann). 

 She jumps his bones, but he tries to remain professional and pushes her off.

 But she's not giving up so easy - and is hopelessly aroused.

The punchline is that her butt keeps hitting the buzzer, which summons the secretary who's horrified.

 At the pub, Josef stumbles into the kitchen and sees this.

This worker (Karin Hofmann) is cleaning the floor with no panties.

 She gets hot, takes off her clothes and burns her butt on the stove.

 The always horny Josef can't contain himself any longer.

Josef is sent away (if this was today, he'd be arrested).

Josef goes to a local house of prostitution.

A ginger (Marina Blümel) and a blonde (Waltraud Schaeffler)

The girl on the left is played by Britt Corvin who was great in Bibi (1974) 

Josef is such a dumbass.  He shows Waltraud Schaeffler coins as payment. 

She laughs, but agrees to go back to the bedroom anyway (to play a joke on the cheapskate).

 She leaves the room and they invite in...

 ...a horrid looking janitor to have sex with Josef instead.

Vera (Karin Glier) is Josef's wife.  She sees him coming home, so tells her lover to hid under the bed.

 In the night, Josef sees the lover leave... but he's evidently too stupid to put 2 and 2 together.

Josef and Vera run a pet store. Frau Konsul (Flavia Keyt) is a top customer (and is having sex with Josef on the side).

Frau Konsul (Flavia Keyt) is surrounded by birds, snakes and other animals in her apartment.

 It's funny to watch this monkey get pissed that she took her panties away from it.

 Frau Konsul has a visitor.

 The gag is that the animals keep biting and annoying the guy trying to have sex with her.

 Now we meet one of our favorite German actresses Ulrike Butz as Petra Steiner.

They try to make out, but everywhere they go, they get looks from passerby.

 So, they seek privacy in a small storage space.

 A gravel truck rolls up and dumps its load on them.

 Later, Petra is out dancing.

 The seek privacy this time in an attic... but the dude gets his dick caught in a mouse trap.

 Three young girls go home with a guy.

I don't know the name of any of these three actresses.

The two girls roll the guy on top of the blonde.

We take you to a sauna.

 A tennis player is brought in due to a hurt leg.

Fucking disturbing.  

 The girls are all naked and playing with each other in their dorm room.

 It erupts into a pillow fight.

The creepy guy has a plan to set these three girls up with these old guys.

 This girl is taken out to the woods by one of the geezers.

She rides him like a horse.

She then runs away and climbs up a tree.

 She's really up there.  I'm actually impressed.

 This old guy gets the blonde.

 But they're busted.

 Back to Petra who really likes this guy; unfortunately, her parents won't let guys in the house.

 Carpet delivery.

 Petra is confused; she didn't order carpet.

Ogling Petra as she goes up the stairs.

 Petra unrolls the carpet.

Her boyfriend is inside.

 Back tot he prostittues.

 For some reason, we get a close up of Britt Corvin's unruly bush, exploding from her panties.

 A couple guys (Gerhard Ruhnke and Johannes Buzalski) drop in on the whores.

This guy gets a bit rough and handsy with Marina Blümel

 This guy gets slapped by Waltraud Schaeffler and sent on his way.

Am I really seeing this? A midget with a dildo on his head is charging at the prostitutes. 

 The guys that got kicked out of the whorehouse left a smoke bomb on the property.  They see smoke and evacuate.

 Back to Josef and Fanny at the pub.

 Josef tries to tap the keg, but Fanny has to show him how it's done.

A perfect German ending - with Fanny tapping the keg getting tapped herself.

Yeesh.  An embarrassment of riches when it comes to nudity, but everything else is pretty bad. Seeing  Ulrike Butz is a treat, but she's not it enough.  The midget with a dildo on his head will haunt me... as will Britt Corvin's untrimmed bush.


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