Jun 21, 2020

Ladies Photographer (1978)

(Original Title: Fotógrafo de señoras) Another Jorge Porcel film - and like all of his (and Alberto Olmedo) works, it involves him doing a job he's unequipped to do.  In this film, he's a newspaper photographer - and, of course there will be plenty of scantily clad women for him to react awkwardly and hilariously toward.

 Raúl Torrejón (Adolfo García Grau) is having an affair.

 Someone is snapping pictures from a nearby window, and blackmailing him.

 Jorge Catrasca (Jorge Porcel) is just at the newspaper applying for a job - but Raúl  thinks he's of some importance at the paper and demands the negatives.

 Mariana (Graciela Alfano) is Jorge's cute coworker at the paper.

 Horacio Marafioti (Tristán), a journalist, works with Jorge his photographer to cover the women's soccer team.  Needless to say, Jorge is speechless in the locker room.

 Lots of nudity in this scene - certainly for a Jorge Porcel movie, there's a lot of boobs.  But it's great, providing tons of hilarity as he reacts the way Porcel always reacts.  Comic genius.

 The topless ladies convince him (since they're a player down) to join their team (disguised as a woman).

 As I've said before, it wouldn't be an Argentinian comedy without somebody in drag.

 I was so glad to see this cameo - Alberto Olmedo, Porcel's longtime partner, reading a paper in the bleachers.

 Leticia (Stella Maris Lanzani) from the paper needs Jorge to help her get access to a celebrity diva who has locked herself in the dressing room.

 Sofia Miranda (Camila Perissé) is the diva, who ultimately allows Jorge to enter alone.

 Pretty hilarious - Jorge's nervousness makes his camera flash and shake.  But can you blame him?

 This is wild because Camila Perissé also played a crazy bitch in Encuentros muy cercanos con señoras de cualquier tipo (1978) where she also placed her boob on his shoulder.

 The paparazzi burst in, and they catch this situation.

 Needless to say, they're shocked.

 This gives Jorge quite the reputation.  He signs autographs for the ladies.

 Horacio and Jorge are on their next assignment - a moonshine operation on a remote island. The moonshiner holds them at gunpoint.

 Of course the moonshiner has three hot daughters that help him.

 Jorge and Horacio are held prisoner in the shed with the illegal booze.

 Raquel Álvarez plays the horny daughter of the three.

 The horny daughter helps them off the island to safety.

 Mariana (Graciela Alfano) spends the night at Jorge's wearing a pair of amazing hot pants. 

 She pretends to cry (completely playing Jorge like a fiddle regarding the photograph negatives).

 I love this - she's crying on his pillow, but he can't stop looking at her butt.

 A bunch of crazy shit happens for the next thirty minutes - don't worry about it.

 It ends with them on assignment at a rocket launching site.  When Mariana kisses him, he accidentally launches the rocket. 

Pretty typical, but not too great.  I found a lot of it funny, and was pleased to see Porcel upping the boob quotient.  However, it does commit the felony of under-utilizing comic genius Tristán. By the last quarter of the film I'd lost interest - too many wacky madcap things happening for me to care strongly enough to follow.  I do wish the Porcel/Olmedo films would get broader recognition - I think they'd be appreciated the world over.  However, this isn't the one I'd start with.


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