Jun 29, 2020

The Pleasure Palace in Spessart (1978)

(Original Title: Das Lustschloß im Spessart ) A Bavarian sex comedy about Geiersberg Castle and its randy inhabitants, including a couple of ghosts.

Susanne (Renate Kastelik) is the manager at Geiersberg Castle which serves as a popular honeymoon location.

Susanne and her bellhop monitor the sexual activity in each of the honeymoon suites. 

Clarissa (Anny Papa) is disappointed in Heino's sexual performance. 

 But they soon make it happen, sending Susanne's monitor into overdrive.

There are a couple ghosts who watch the goings on from their portraits.

 The male ghost takes a liking to Helga (Sylvia Crivelli) the maid, and appears behind her.

Bride and groom Braut (Sissy Weiner) and Pepo (Werner Ploner) check in to the castle.

Braut receives unconventional health/beauty services from a spa connected with Geiersberg Castle.  In this case, she's literally frozen and has to be chiseled open to move. 

Sissy Weiner appeared in Red Heat (1985) with Linda Blair and Sylvia Kristel 

 She's carried to a barrel full of hot mud.

These two ladies check in at the castle.  The brunette is Gerti Schneider but no idea the actress playing the blonde - maybe Eva Janku?

 So, they seek the services of the health spa.

Franz Muxeneder happily provides his services.

 They're dunked in the hot mud barrels.

 Then, they're washed off with hoses.

 Dr. Magnuss (Fritz Goblirsch) explores the dungeons of the castle.  

Elli (Inge Fock) gets married - you'll remember her from Drei Schwedinnen in Oberbayern (1977)

 They run out of gas, but eventually make it to the honeymoon castle.

A bit of horseplay in the bathroom.

 The ghosts watch Ellie and her husband through the keyhole.

 Ellie notices there's something strange about those paintings.

Renate Hess, one of the staff, has sex.  A pointless scene except to provide more sex.

 Braut is horrified to find a creepy figure standing in her doorway.

 She faints.

 Pepo rushes to her side

A bit disturbing.  He can't wake her up - so, with her passed out, he starts molesting her.

 A bellhop comes running to her rescue, slips and falls face-first into her groin.

 The ghost pleasures Elli.  She's half asleep so doesn't realize it's not her husband.

 The ghost's technique sends the monitor off the charts.

When her husband returns, he's disappointed to find that she's not in the mood for more action (having just been serviced by the ghost).

 The bellhop grabs hold of Helga (Sylvia Crivelli

 The blonde and brunette we met earlier are chased around the castle by these guys. Long story.

 The brunette tries to escape out the window.

 Dr. Magnuss uncovers buried treasure in the dungeon.

 It's a bottle of alcohol that makes them all horny.

 Everyone has sex, including the ghosts.

Even Susanne has sex (with Dr. Magnuss). THE END

I've read many reviews of Bavarian sex comedies, and the critics usually complain about the stupidity.  I'm always astonished that this would be a complaint because, well what did you expect?  No one is watching this for its cerebral plot and intricate character development.  To criticize them as "dumb" misses the point. And then I saw this movie.... I can handle a sufficient level of nonsense, but this was ridiculous.  Stale jokes, cringey gags, nonsensical stories, etc. make for a pretty awful movie.  However, its copious supply of  nudity and madcap energy will keep you watching to the bitter end.

Double Feature: The Sex Lives of Ghosts (2004) - More horny ghosts who manifest themselves in oil paintings.


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