Jun 27, 2020

Chile picante (1983)

A Mexican sex comedy with two separate stories.  Tons of nudity, moderate laughs, and almost zero plot.  Featuring Alberto Rojas and Angélica Chain.

 The first of two stories is called " La infidelidad"

 We start things off right with Angélica Chain answering a phone call in the nude.

Her husband, Porfirio (Alfredo Wally Barrón), is a powerful politician 

 Notified that her husband will be out of town, she calls her backdoor man Raul (Andrés García).

 Pretty damn funny - that's the painting of this woman.

She gets at-home service from a high-dollar, flamboyantly gay beautician, Osmar (Alberto Rojas).

The whole scene we're looking at her muff, but Osmar tells her to cover up.

 Angélica Chain is a stone cold fox, and provides a ton of nudity in this film.

Osmar runs a health and beauty clinic full of naked women.

 He uses all manner of contraptions on the women; this lady has some kind of electrical device around her groin which comically electrocutes her after Osmar leaves.

Karen Castello; dear god the number fully naked ladies in this film is incredible.

Norma Lee is a nightclub dancer; she calls Osmar for a housecall.

 Her stage performance is pretty damn explicit

 Osmar does his work; the humor is that he arouses these ladies and that's why they request his services - although he has no attraction to them.

Porfirio's Wife uses Osmar's clinic as a secret location to conduct her affair with Raul.

Lina D'Mar gets a vibrating plunger treatment

Porfirio's wife move from the couch to have sex in the bath...

Porfirio makes a surprise entrance, catching them in the act.

 Osmar acts quickly and pretends Raul is his lover.

 Raul is brought to Porfirio's office and must prove he's gay.

The punchline is that Porfirio is also gay and wants to get it on with Raul.

The second story is called "Los Compadres"

Blanca Guerra is a neglected lonely housewife

 She has needs that aren't being met by her husband; she checks herself out in the mirror

Héctor Suárez is her no-good husband who never gives her the time of day, no matter how much she throws herself at him.

Ironically, the husband is a horny bastard outside of the home.  He shows his compadre (Eduardo de la Peña) a dirty magazine, and is always ogling the ladies in the office.

At the office, an exotic dancer (Lyn May) meets with the boss, Humberto Elizondo

 His glass table provides good views of ladies that take a seat in his office.

Back at home, Héctor continues to be unimpressed by Blanca's advances.

The gag is that Héctor is ga-ga for every woman he sees, and spends his evening at a strip club.  Yet, he has a perfectly beautiful wife at home whom he ignores.  His compadre, however, does not ignore his friend's wife and makes frequent trips to his home to shag.

The always amazing Jeannette Mass


The first story should have been a movie unto itself.  Despite that the whole point seems to be a lead into the punchline, it could easily have been a great Alberto Rojas sex comedy in its own right.  Plentiful nudity from Angélica Chain and others makes for quite a show, and the whole beauty clinic bit is pretty funny.  Then, we move on to story number two and the film takes a nosedive. Blanca Guerra's nude scenes are amazing, but the story itself is rather boring and unfunny. So, they should have never bothered to make this a two-part movie, and just fleshed out the first story a bit more and it would have been a banger.

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