Jun 25, 2020

Capulina Against The Monsters (1974)

(Original Title: Capulina contra los monstruos) There were a ton of these Capulina movies spanning several decades.  However, Gaspar Henaine always kept things pretty clean (even called  "le roi de humour blanc" - king of white comedy).  So, his films don't make it onto VZ1; however, it behooves us to check out his monster movie, which features several Universal monsters.

 Capulina (Gaspar Henaine) operates a newsstand specializing in monster comics and magazines.

 His girlfriend is Zenobia (Gloriella), a hottie in a super short miniskirt. This is a Capulina film, so it's family friendly, but Gloriella bared it all in Un macho en el salón de belleza (1987).  Unfortunately, she was older and had Gilda Radner Roseanne Roseannadanna hair at the time, so wasn't the best look for her.

 Héctor Andremar is a local mad scientist who lives in a creepy mansion.  Irlanda Mora is his hot assistant.

 Capulina trick-or-treats with some of the local kids.

 Capulina falls into the hands of Irlanda Mora and is hooked up to the mad scientist's machine.

The contraption uses his fear to create energy.  This same plot was in another Mexican film (featuring Boris Karloff) - Fear Chamber (1968).

 Capulina's fears bring to life four famous Universal Monsters:The Wolfman (Marcos E. Contreras),  The Mummy (Juan Garza), The Vampire (Salvador Zea) and Frankenstein (Guillermo Amador).

 Irlanda Mora would get naked in the 1980s in a couple films including (1988) El Vergonzosos (1988); alas it won't happen in this family friendly flick.

 After the experiments, Capulina is chained up in the dungeon.

 Capulina uses hypnosis to knock out the mad scientist's assistant.

 Capulina tries to deactivate the scientist's device, but the monsters are unleashed.

 The monsters wreak havoc upon the small town.

 Capulina is able to fend them off by chewing on some onions and blowing them away with his breath (!)

 Yet the monster squad still is able to create disturbances in stores along the sleepy town's main street.

 Capulina and the kids try to explain to Zenobia what went down last night, but she doesn't believe them.

 So, they all go to the mad scientist's mansion. 

 Capulina shows Zenobia the monsters.

 The mad scientist finds and captures them.  What the fuck did Capulina expect would happen?  Good job on getting your girlfriend and local kids abducted for no reason.

 They're tied to the machine, but Capulina gets the kids to think about chocolates and pastries - thus preventing them from succumbing to fear (which is the scientist's device drains).

 Zenobia is apparently weaker than the kids, and is unable to control her fear.  She's strapped to the device.

 The monsters attack - but thanks to their "chocolate and cake" plan, the kids are safe.  They destroy the mad scientist instead.

 The mad scientist is dead, the monsters leave, and so now they all can escape.

 The monsters are ready to once again wreak havoc, but Capulina's crew repeats the "cake and chocolates" mantra, which banishes the fiends forever.

 The monsters wind up on Capulina's magazine rack.

 It's a happy ending, but what about  Irlanda Mora, the scientist's assistant?

 For whatever reason, she's a maid in fishnets with a super short uniform, taking care of a baby.

Inside the baby carriage is a baby with Capulina's head.  It's supposed to be funny, but probably the scariest moment in the film. THE END

As per usual at VZ1, I'd prefer it to be a sleazy monster movie, but I guess there's nothing wrong with a family friendly one as well.  This would be great for a Halloween party playlist as it is just saturated with that Famous Monsters of Filmland mojo.  Would make a great double feature with Los matamonstruos en la mansión del terror (1987).  Gloriella's miniskirt is ridiculously short, so it also has that going for it.  A wholesome monster movie that's perfect for Halloween - a great find.

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