Apr 24, 2020

The Executive's Wives (1971)

A typical story of businessmen and their office adultery.  It seems like a film from a few years earlier; perhaps a HG Lewis sexploitation film, yet it has the level of sex and nudity as you'd expect from a film from '71.  An interesting hybrid, perfectly on the line between the old cheesy sex romps and the new hardcore phenomenon.  Featuring VZ1 favorite Barbara Mills.

Anne (Elizabeth Knowles)  and Mark (John Keith) are holding an office party by their pool.  Anne is the daughter of the owner and big boss at the company.  Mark, thanks to his marriage to Anne, is a top executive.

Mark lords over his staff how important he is, and how he will be giving out a promotion (but he won't say who).  What a slimy asshole.

 It's a swingin' party.  The girl on the right is Suzanne Fields; she has no part in the film other than to dance by the pool.

Mark, always on the prowl, finds sexy Susie (Barbara Mills) poolside.

 He takes her back to his Tiki bar.

 They have sex on the floor.  Barbara Mills provides one helluva scene here - one of her best.

 Of course, it's not hardcore, so no real penetration.  But still plenty graphic.

 Jerry (Marland Proctor) and Harvey (Ron Kinney) spend the whole time at the pool party whining about Mark.

 Home from work, Jerry bitches to his wife, Lucille (Capri), about how he got passed over for a promotion.  It went to Susie's husband.

 Lucille tries to make him feel better, but he's just not in the mood.

 Receiving no attention from Jerry, Lucille pleasures herself in front of the mirror.  This scene goes on way too long, and Capri keeps her granny panties on.  This was her last film.

 Jerry and Harv go to the local strip joint and drown their sorrows.

 Ogling the stripper, Greta (Brigitte Deisshauer), Harv has a brilliant idea to bring down Mark.

 He's invited to Mark's place for dinner and brings Greta, who he introduces as his wife.

 Harv knows that it's just a matter of time before Mark will be shagging his "wife".

 This was Brigitte Deisshauer's only film credit.  I'm wondering if she was an actual stipper.

 While Mark fucks his "wife", Harv gets to know Jerry's poor cheated-on spouse a little better.

 Jerry and Lucille show up a little later.

 As planned, Mark is quick to screw Lucille, and she's only too willing.

 While his wife is getting fucked, Jerry gets to know Anne better.  She's well aware of her husband's infidelity.

 Jerry counts down the days.

 They're invited back to Mark's for a dinner party.  Again, Lucille and Mark have sex.

Jerry reveals that he has a hidden camera.  He presents photos of Mark cheating on Anne with both Greta and Lucille.  Anne proclaims that she'll divorce him and make Jerry the vice president.  THE END

You can't deny it's cheesy and contrived, but the groovy vibe, from the music to the decor to the fashions, is amazing. Barbara Mills delivers an exceptional sex scene that, for fans of hers, is not to be missed.

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