Apr 7, 2020

The Click (1985)

We know about the 1997 American "Click" movies: The Body BeautifulBalls of Thunder, and  Sex, Lies and Politics.  All featuring Dr. Fez's device which can stimulate women on command.  This one came out over ten years earlier, and is also based on the Italian softcore graphic novel by Milo Manara. 

Fezorovsky (Jean-Pierre Kalfon) (called "Dr. Fez") on the right is a "left hand man" for big time criminal, Eliardo Christiani, Mr. C.

I'll just go ahead and say I'm sure Tarantino got a lot of the Pulp Fiction ideas from this.  Fez and his black partner will wear black suits with skinny ties.  They work for a fat crime boss.  Fez gets with the boss' young wife which causes all sorts of trouble.  The similarities are hard to miss once you start looking.

 Mr. C is a criminal in New Orleans, so we get lots of nice shots of pre-Katrina French Quarter. 

The movie includes some nice illustrations which I presume are from Milo Manara's graphic novel.  I'll place these artworks with their corresponding scenes.

 Fez is told to keep an eye on Mr. C's lovely young wife Claudia Christiani (Florence Guérin) .  He finds himself attracted to her, but she snubs him hard.

Jackson informs Fez of an interesting mind-control device that's being developed at one of Mr. C's secret locations. Fez takes the instructions and some of the equipment.

 Claudia is very prim and proper.  Her best friend is Isabelle.

 At night, Fez hides in the bushes and tries out the device on Claudia.

 Claudia passes out in the garden.  Fez carries her to a gazebo.

 He experiments with the device and find it works, but will need some fine tuning.

 Claudia returns home wet and confused.  Mr. C doesn't understand what's happened.

 Fez goes to work on the device - "The Click".

 Isabelle and Claudia go shopping.

 In the dressing room, Claudia looks at herself in the mirror.

 Hiding among the racks, Fez uses The Click.

 Claudia finds herself strangely aroused.

 Isabelle checks on Claudia and is shocked to find her masturbating in the dressing room!

 Then she runs out and starts molesting a random guy.

The shoppers are horrified.  Fez is satisfied and feels that his torment of Claudia will serve as revenge against Mr. C.  What's he got against his boss?  Mr. C has set him up to take a fall, and Fez is none too happy about it.

 Isabelle and Mr. C try to help Claudia, unsure of what the hell is wrong with her.

 Claudia gets the butler to rub lotion on her thighs.  Fez is using the clicker again, and it makes her almost sound like Linda Blair in The Exorcist, calling Isabelle a bitch, telling her to lick her, etc.

 Christiani has his one-eyed private detective, Burt, to hire a hitman to take care of Dr. Fez. 

Fez, far away, turns up the clicker, causing Claudia to wander through the Louisiana swamp full of ecstasy.  Burt finds her fondling herself.

This scene is just incredible. Florence Guérin goes all-in, crawling and writhing naked in the swamp.

 Burt knows better than to fuck his boss' wife.  So he pulls her up.

 He pours a drink down her throat until she passes out.

 Then he carries her nude and unconscious through the bayou like Ursula Buchfellner in Devil Hunter (1980).

 Conde, Mr. C's prime investor, holds a big birthday party for his goddaughter Alicia.

 Fez is there, and this time Claudio doesn't snub him.  And he doesn't even need The Click.

 They go down to the shoreline and have some fun.

 They play bullfighter, then have sex.

 Mr. Christiani finds them.  He starts whooping ass on Fez, then actually bitch slaps Claudia. 

 Claudia runs into Alicia's party frantic and butt naked.  

 The guests are horrified, and Mr. C is shamed.

 The hitman catches up with Fez on the New Orleans streets.

 He's shot and taken to the hospital.  In a twist of fate, the Click protected him from dying as the slug was lodged in the device.

Florence Guérin is just fucking outstanding. Plus, the story is wonderfully odd, the characters interesting... a great time, I wish there were more Click movies from Europe. Its main fault is that it takes well over thirty minutes to get going. There are long boring scenes at the start, such as one with Mr. C and an investor, which will cause most viewers to give up... but the fun that follows is worth the wait.


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