Apr 10, 2020

Oh! Rebuceteio (1984)

An odd Brazilian film about a play which includes lots of nudity and sex.  The theatrical play is called "Rebuceteio", a Brazilian Portuguese word that doesn't exist in European Portuguese, meaning  "big confusion".  And that's exactly what it is - a big, sleazy mess.  The real draw to this film is the lead actress Eleni Bandettini; cute as a button, and only appearing in this one film.  She provides plentiful nudity, and then never acted again.

Letícia (Eleni Bandettini), a young actress, is woken up by her doting mother (Lia Farrel), a single mom who is a devout Catholic.

 They have a great relationship; they joke and banter as Leticia gets ready.

Eleni Bandettini is unbelievably gorgeous, with a very cute, girl-next-door vibe.  I was amazed to find that this is her only acting credit.  She provides lots of nudity and explicit sex... then never acted again? I'd love to know her backstory.

 Leticia is auditioning for a play directed by Nenê Garcia (Cláudio Cunha - who is the real director, and writer, of this film).

 For the first rehearsal, Débora Muniz plays the actress on stage.

 She's attacked by a couple of rapists.

 The guys tear her clothes off and rape her. Note that this is a real hardcore scene with Débora Muniz getting absolutely pounded in front of everyone.

 Leticia and her friends (Elizabeth Bacelar and Cleide Cunha) watch this unbelievable shit occurring onstage.

 Nenê Garcia talks to the actors after the performance.

 Leticia and her friends look on with envy.

 The next performance features a dominatrix (Júlia Savassi) whacking off a guy. 

 Leticia and some of the other audience find themselves getting aroused by the spectacle. 

 The girls talk about what they're willing to do to get a permanent part in this great play.

 Leticia spends the night smoking dope with her friend and Carlos Pessoa

 They're surprised to see their friend emerge naked with a strap-on.  (This movie is insane.)

 Leticia's mother drops by the theater to bring her lunch.

 Leticia is horrified at her mother's surprise visit. Thank goodness they weren't doing a sex scene!

 It's just a promotional photo shoot, so Leticia's mother, thankfully, doesn't witness anything which might send her to the grave.

 Leticia tells her that she can't just pop in without notice.

 Leticia's mother just missed this blasphemous scene.

 It's insane: on stage, a priest is in a threesome with a woman and a nun while the audience of actors just enjoy the rehearsal.

 Their big moment: time for Leticia and her friends to do their scene...

 As you'll see, this scene was fucking nuts.  Leticia plays a little girl playing hopscotch.  Her friend is a milkmaid.

 Oh, did I mention there's a big "teddy bear" with raging hard-on?  You just can't unsee this shit.

The milkmaid gets off on the bull's dong.  WTF?

 It escalates until all three ladies are naked and taking turns rubbing on the teddy bear's unit. 

 Nenê Garcia loves it.

 The ladies take a bow.

 A standing ovation for rubbing a teddy bear's giant dick.  

 Leticia is introduced to Dilmar (Raul Escudero Filho), a photographer.

 Dilmar takes publicity photos of Leticia.

 Then they have sex.

 Back at home, Leticia's mother doesn't know what her daughter has been up to lately.

 Nenê Garcia takes a special liking to Leticia. They go to the zoo together.

 Dr. Napoleão Mendes (Ruy Leal) the producer meets with the director and assistant. 

 More practice and rehearsal; the cast pretends to snort coke as part of the warm up.

 It's 1984, so of course there's time for aerobics.

 As usual, the clothes come off.  In this rehearsal, the cast is instructed to carry Leticia and then ravage her.

 Dr. Napoleão Mendes stumbles into the performance and is shocked.

 The next scene rehearsal has Leticia going up a ladder (add this to the list).

 Her clothes are ripped off.

 Since Leticia has been singled out as the director's favorite, it's inspired resentment among the cast.  She gets a nasty message on her mirror telling her to leave.

 The conflict has divided the cast into two sides.

The premier has finally come.  "Rebuceteio" is perfromed in front of a real audience.  This scene is a Roman orgy.

In this scene, Leticia must not only get naked, but actually have sex onstage. 

 My face when watching Eleni Bandettini having sex.

 Honestly, I couldn't tell if this simulated or not.  She definitely gets creamed on, but the penetration is forever a mystery.... still graphic as hell.

And look who's in the audience applauding the loudest - it's mom! So proud of her little girl.  THE END

What can even be said? This was absolutely insane.  I give it high marks primarily for Eleni Bandettini's performance - exceptionally charismatic.  We cover so many odd and messed-up films on VZ1, that it really is a badge of honor to stand out in this field.  Beyond the bizarre "skits" (such as the Teddy Bear whackathon), it maintained a fun, campy vibe.  It's like "Fame" but with hardcore sex. Good times.


  1. There's a Brazilian blog post(in Port.) asking what happened to her and then an update after finding her. She doesn't want to discuss the film as she's now deeply religious. There's also two current photos of her.

    1. P.S. There is clearly real penetration in her sex scene, very brief but noticeable.

    2. Interesting - she's a born again christian hair dresser. I suspect that's the case for a lot of these "one and done" actresses. They look at themselves naked and getting pounded up on the big screen and wonder what the hell have I just done?