Apr 26, 2020

How I Got My Mink (1969)

A brother and sister work on a project about human sexuality, where they film folks on the street and sometimes have sex with them.  This Nick Millard film tries to be I Am Curious (Yellow), but doesn't quite succeed.  Featuring Monica Gayle and an odd Ed Wood Jr. connection.

 Donna (Donna Stanley) and her brother Phillip defy their rich filmmaker father and make a film "on the streets" about sex and other unconventional topics of the day.

 Donna interviews passerby with stupid and lame questions I couldn't possibly care less about.

 Donna worships Brando, who she considers the symbol of freedom.

 Then, she plays with a vibrator.

 She's back out interviewing folks at Beverly Park.  The park was a fixture from 1943-74 and supposedly was the inspiration for Disneyland.

 Donna interviews a lady named Monica (Monica Gayle).

 They are soon having sex.

 A rather impressive sex scene; easily the high point of the film.

 Then, Donna is back out interviewing.

 Meanwhile, Phillip is doing his part, filming what he thinks will be a groundbreaking film. Yet, it looks like not much more than a stag film with boring interviews in-between.  Just sayin'.

 Phillip is filming this lady strip.  No idea who this actress is. 

You have to love that big, big hair.

 Whoever this actress is, she does a fine job, and we'll see her in another scene coming up.  Hopefully she'll be identified one day.

 More boring-as-hell interviews.

 Phillip continues to create his "art".

 On the left is the actress is the actress from the previous scene, and the cute girl on the right isn't identified either.  Take note of the black velvet panther painting. That painting appeared in Ed Wood Jr.'s Necromania (1971).  I feel like there has to be a connection here somewhere.

 Phillip joins in, and one of the ladies cracks up laughing.  Good times.

 Donna interviews a Biosexual Physicist.

 They have sex, then she interviews him in bed.

Donna finally says fuck this stupid shit, and she leaves Phillip to continue the work on his own.  She becomes a successful movie star.  THE END

The Monica Gayle sex scene was superb, and I even enjoyed the mystery women Phillip was filming.  The locations were also a fun nostalgic trip.  Yet, everything else about this film was just a tedious bore.  There is basically no dialog, only a bland narration.  Overall, a dull mess.


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