Apr 12, 2020

Hot & Saucy Pizza Girls (1978)

An adult film centered around a fun idea - skateboarding pizza delivery girls who deliver more than pizza.  A great watch even if you're not into adult films, as this is packed with tons of seventies nostalgia.  The film was heavily financed by the mob, and even had mobsters supervising the filming.

 Ann Chovy (Desiree Cousteau) is a naive country girl applying for a position at Country Girl Pizza.
  John Holmes plays John, the manager of the business.

 Ann passes the interview and is hired.

 Ann meets her coworkers in the stockroom getting changed into their uniforms.

 From Left: Ann, Celeste (Christine De Shaffer), Gino (Candida Royalle), and Shakey (Laurien Dominique).

The restaurant has some awesome arcade games.

 John gives the girls their delivery instructions. Each order has a special "topping" which is code for a specific sexual act.

Lots of footage of the delivery girls skateboarding around San Francisco.  I could watch this all day.

Little do they realize, they're being followed by Inspector Blackie (John Seeman) who wants to shut their operation down.

 Gino makes her delivery.

 Shakey makes her delivery.

 Celeste delivers a "bell pepper" to Vicky Lindsay, which is code for...

 And finally, Ann makes her delivery.

 Gino and Celeste collide with Inspector Blackie, who is comically idiotic.

 John's assistant in the kitchen is played by the director of this film, Bob Chinn.

These customers are in the film for just a couple minutes.  They're played by Toni Damiani (in front) and Donna Breaux.  Damiani was the "producer" of this film; I use quotes because she's clearly just a part of the mob family who financed this film.  I'm sure Breaux was her friend who also wanted to be on camera.

 This is where this film gets really odd.  Celeste delivers pizza to a darkened building where she hears a bizarre "clucking" sound.  She goes inside and is raped (off camera).

 She returns to the pizza restaurant covered in feathers.  John informs her that she's been raped by the San Francisco Night Chicken.  WTF?

 Ann runs into Inspector Blackie in the apartment hall.

 She invites him in and they have sex.

 She's late for work and Blackie doesn't have a car.

 John tells the girls that Ann has volunteered to act as bait to help catch the Night Chicken.

Later, Celeste and Shakey also return to the restaurant covered in feathers; they've been raped by the Night Chicken.

Blackie shows Ann that he has a car now, and gets her inside.  We see the license plate "BAHK" and are to presume Blackie is actually the Night Chicken. THE END

Call me crazy, but I find that, with these well-done seventies pornos which try to have a real story, I actually want less sex and more story.  Too much time is used up with close-ups of blow jobs and penetration, when I'm actually really into just enjoying the seventies scenery - the cool shots of San Francisco streets, the arcade games and fashions, etc. Oh, well.  A really fun film nonetheless.


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