Apr 12, 2020

Erotic Family (1980)

(Original Title: Las verdes vacaciones de una familia bien) A woman returns home to a family she remembers as being traditional and wholesome.  She's in for a surprise.

Carla Nicosia (Karin Well), is a young Italian woman who has just abandoned her future husband, a baron of a small Sicilian town. Driving her Porsche, she decides to visit the family of her uncle Salvatore. Carla believes that her family preserves the traditional bourgeois values ​​of yesteryear.

 But Uncle Salvador Nicosia (Alfonso del Real) isn't as traditional and wholesome as she remembers.  He's a porn addict, constantly watching pornos on his movie projector.

 Giorgio Nicosia (Bernard Seray) isn't exactly traditional either; he dresses as a woman.

Perhaps the most "normal" in the home is Ramona  (Danila Trebbi) the maid.

Roman is constantly getting molested by the men of the house - not that she minds too much.

Then there is Ruth (Raquel Evans) who lives a swingers lifestyle.

Far from being the paragon of traditional virtue as Carla imagines, Ruth does a dance in a sheer nightgown.

 And now we come to Ana Nicosia (Berta Cabré).

Berta Cabré is a VZ1 Spanish Hall of Famer; absolutely gorgeous, and always in the nude.

This scene is exceptional: with really good lighting, it goes on for quite a while, with Berta Cabré just doing things around her room butt naked.

 Ana searches under the bed for something...

She comes up with a big bag of weed.  She lays in bed and has a smoke.

Ana then fondles herself.

Oddly enough, this dog figures into the story a lot. It peers in on each of these characters, and they don't particularly like their pet.  I'm sure there's a meaning here - it's like the dog represents an eye of judgement?

Ramona is reading in the kitchen when Salvador returns from a jog.

This is his view.

Salvador's reaction with the maid is hilarious. Alfonso del Real is a top tier comedic actor.

Okay.. this shit kinda drove me crazy.  Salvador, as you'll recall is addicted to porn.  Well, he watches this particular movie on his projector - and we have to watch it with him.  In total, it's probably twenty minutes long!  It has nothing to do with this story, so becomes tedious.  The two ladies are Jennifer James .and Eva Lyberten.

Eva Lyberten is always awesome; the one saving grace for this ridiculously irrelevant scene.

The two ladies have sex with the guy and that's it. Back to the story.

Ana is out by the shore smoking weed again.

She spots Marco (Antonio Campa) down below and calls him up.

Ana and Marco have sex.

 Ruth has a fling going with Julio (Ventura Oller).

They go back to the bedroom.  Ruth pulls off the sheet and finds another woman under the covers.

Ruth doesn't miss a beat. She's down with it.

We find that Salvador is a bit unbalanced mentally, holding his family at gunpoint for something trivial.

This scene doesn't fit at all. After a night at the disco, Giorgio is raped by another guy!

Ana is a bit like Harold from Harold & Maud, or maybe just Wednesday Addams.  Smoking dope on the train tracks.

Finally, Carla arrives. I love this scene, the whole family is there to greet her, and they look so normal - just as Carla had imagined.

Salvador immediatley starts fantasizing about her.... his niece.

Ruth also fantasizes about Carla; she envisions them having sex on the lawn.

Ruth acts on her impulses.  Wearing no clothes at all, she approaches Carla sunbathing. 

She lays a towel down for them to sunbathe together.

She makes her move.

Invited to bed with her and Julia, it doesn't go as planned.

She's disenchanted with her family, who she thought would be traditionalists. Ruth just thinks she's crazy. But then she's hit on by another family member, Mario Nicosia (George Ardisson), and decides it's too much.

Salvador apologizes before she leaves.  On the road, she finds that Giorgio and the dog have stowed way in the trunk.  She happily takes them along with her. THE END

The BAD:

  • It takes literally half the movie before Carla even arrives. That's a lot of time just spent watching how nutty and depraved the family is, before the proper story can even start.
  • That fucking porn film Salvador watches.  20 minute of run time, really?
  • The male on male rape that comes outta nowhere.  What was the point?
  • Anything with Berta Cabré is always worth a look.  A shame she's really only center stage in a couple scenes.  Raquel Evans ain't too shabby either.
  • Alfonso del Real is a gem, a natural comic actor.


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