Apr 19, 2020

Very Close Encounters with Ladies of Any Kind (1978)

(Original Title: Encuentros muy cercanos con señoras de cualquier tipo) I just can't get enough of these Alberto Olmedo/Jorge Porcel sex comedies.  In this film, the duo must pretend to be rich businessmen, and they convince a couple of burlesque dancers to be their fake wives.

 The title is a play on "Close Encounters of the Third Kind"

  Vanoli (Adolfo García Grau) is a football business promoter who's down on his luck.

 On stage are a couple of lovely burlesque dancers who will soon be wrapped up in his mess.

 Viviana (Moria Casán) and Marcela (Adriana Aguirre

 Alberto (Alberto Olmedo) and Jorge (Jorge Porcel) do a great vaudevillian comedy performance that brings the house down.

 Vanoli is impressed with these guys, and thinks they'd be able to pull off his plan: to pretend to be wealthy business associates, so as to impress his clients with his wealth.  They will need to be married, so they'll need to find a couple of fake wives.

 Marcela and Viviana are roommates, and are just waking up.

 Marcela gets out of bed, giving us a nice view.

 Jorge and Alberto arrive.

 They propose the idea of them being their fake wives.  A lot of money can be made if they pull it off.

 Viviana is skeptical.

 They eventually go along with it.  Take note of Adriana Aguirre's robe, just wide open.

 Stone cold fox.

 The plan is set in motion.  Jorge and Alberto meet the wealthy investor, Mr. Alonzo and his family at the airport.

 The girls from the burlesque show will pretend to be the steno pool for Vanoli fake business. The two girls at the top: Alicia Muñíz and Stella Maris Lanzani

 Vanoli is concerned about having strippers as the steno pool, but goes along. 

 Back at the girls' apartment.  Adriana Aguirre spends a lot of the film with an open robe.  Next is her shower scene...

 Viviana walks in nude as well.

 A dinner party is held; Alonzo's daughter enjoys Jorge's humor.

 Sta. Gonzaga (Patricia Dal), another potential investor they're needing to impress.

 Of course, things go badly as Jorge chokes on something and has to be hospitalized.

 Jorge and Alberto play tennis with Sta. Gonzaga and Alonzo's daughter.

 It's lame and stupid, but I laughed in spite of myself.

 Then, they all go for a workout.

 You can imagine how this goes.

 They catch sight of one of the ladies in the shower.  Not sure whether it's Sta. Gonzaga or Alonzo's daughter

 This scene was just beyond insane.  Jorge enters a wrestling match wearing scuba gear.

 They have a big party; Mr. Alonzo and the steno pool girls are all invited.

 Vanoli hopes Alonzo will hit it off with Stella Maris Lanzani, but it all goes south when the wives arrive.

 The final climactic scenes take place on a boat. Jorge is looking for the right cabin, and chooses wrongly...

 The room is inhabited by a nude woman who has escaped from being transported by a mental hospital (Camila Perissé).

 This may be the funniest shit I've ever seen.  Jorge busts through the door to get a way from the woman, as the Alonzo's cower in fear... fucking hilarious.

 Shit just continues to spiral out of control, and get more and more crazy.

 But it all ends well.  Argentina wins the game, everyone celebrates, Vanoli gets his money, and Jorge and Alberto get the girls.

Silly and stupid, with very lightweight T&A, but still a lot of fun.  I've enjoyed the other Jorge and Alberto films, Surgeons Go Hand In Hand (1980) and Atracción Peculiar (1988), and definitely plan to watch more.


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