Apr 24, 2020

The Last Sin of the Bourgeoisie (1978)

(Original Title: El último pecado de la burguesía) A Spanish romance by Enrique Guevara that had to have been controversial at the time, for a country fresh out of fascism. Starring Spanish exploitation regulars, Lynn Endersson and Raquel Evans, it's the story of two ladies and a fisherman who decide to defy tradition and marry.

Raquel Evans plays Esperanza, a hitchhiking hippy.

She's picked up by Nieves, played by Lynn Endersson.

They check into a rental in a rural fishing village in Catalonia. 

Esperanza helps Nieves get changed into something comfortable.  Nothing odd about that, right? Just two women helping each other.

They have a good laugh.

The two form a friendship.  Nieves confides in her of her past; why she is running away from Barcelona.

On the beach, they meet a young fisherman, Pedro (David Rocha).

That night, Nieves has a bad nightmare.  She's in a dark room; a funeral. 

In the casket is her own nude body.

Nieves is startled awake, and Esperanza consoles her.

Esperanza and Pedro go fishing.  The outing leads to being washed ashore.

A fucking incredible sex scene. Raquel Evans gives it all in this performance.  What blows my fucking mind is that her real name is Arlene Guevara Gatica... she's writer/director Enrique Guevara's sister!  Isn't it a little weird that he'd film his sister in such graphic sex scenes?

Esperanza tells Nieves all about her encounter with Pedro.

They have sex.

A bit awkward at first, the three of them.

They go to an amusement park and have a rollicking good time.

They have a threesome. Again, keep in mind, the director is filming his sister!

The three form a tight bond, and decide to make it official.

They go to the ruins of an old church, strip naked, put on sheer shawls and enact a marriage ceremony.

This would have been major league blasphemy to many folks in Spain in 1978.

Afterwards, they consummate their marriage.

The three continue to live in "liberated" bliss.

Until one day, Nieves is raped by two fishermen. The rapists found out about their unholy union.

Pedro and Esperanza return to find Nieves in shambles.

Esperanza tries to console Nieves, but it's no use.

Esperanza jumps off a cliff.

Pedro and the locals find her body and carry it from shore.

Nieves leaves town, returning to Barcelona.  Leaving all this behind her as if it never happened. THE END.

Tons o' nudity and sex, but overall a little boring.  The dialog is pretty cheesy, and the story seems a little forced - clearly giving the middle finger to the previous authoritarian regime and religious traditions. Whatever.   Still, Endersson and Evans saturate the film with endless nudity, and for that it may worth a look.

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