Apr 7, 2020

Carnal Sins (2001)

This title makes no sense.  Yes, there's plenty of sex, but the title doesn't fit at all.  And who is this  front and center on the cover?  Brandy Davis is the star of this film, and that's not her.  This may be Griffin Drew who's only in the film a few minutes - and isn't dressed like that.  It's a generic cookie-cutter erotic drama, but this cover does the impossible and makes it seem even more generic.

 Marie (Brandy Davis) wants to be a professional photographer.  At a party she meets this really creepy British guy named Jacob (Anthony Skordi).  Jacob is supposed to be this suave, enigmatic dangerous gent... but he just comes off as sleazy and weird.

 Jacob sees a photograph she took of her husband Dylan (Danny Pape) and compliments her on her style and technique.  I laughed my ass off - this is a hilariously lame photo.

 Jacob gives her his card - "erotic photography".

 The party guests play a game of "I Never".  Marie gets a little upset when Dylan admits he's cheated before.  Not on her, but still.

 Marie stands up in front of everyone and pulls up her dress...

 Okay, it turns out this is just a fantasy she's having.  Marie is extremely inhibited and socially awkward.  So, she has fantasies about being uninhibited in public.

 Brandy Davis was in a bunch of late-night cable TV shows in the late nineties.  For whatever reason, she called it quits after this movie.

 Dylan wants Marie to come out of her shell and be more adventurous and uninhibited.

 He has a surprise for Marie - a girl in only a red ribbon (Kristen Harner) waiting for her. 

 Marie is not impressed. She not only tells the girl to leave, but she leaves Dylan herself. 

She fulfills her dream of photography by setting up studio right in her living room.  She meets her neighbor Elise (McKayla Matthews) who likes to have sex with her window blinds up.  Marie watched her have sex the night before.

 Elise is very uninhibited and lets Marie photograph her naked.

 She visits Jacob.  He insults her photographs and literally sets them on fire. 

 Then he fucks the hell out of her.

 A pretty decent sex scene. Well lit, terrible music, lots of positions, etc.  It checks all the boxes.

 The next day, Marie is back again. But she's horrified to find a nude woman in his studio.

 It's just a model (Griffin Drew).

 Jacob convinces Marie to take her clothes off.  It begins awkwardly, but eventually she gets into the photo session.
 Damn.  This movie is just one sex scene after another.  Here, Marie photographs Elise have sex with her boyfriend Dan (Daniel Busch).

You may remember actress McKayla Matthews as the girl who gets choked to death by Richard Grieco in Last Cry (2001).

 Marie is back at Jacob's studio.  He's got another nude girl on his couch (Stella Porter).

 Jacob wants Marie to photograph him pounding this chick.  Marie freaks out and leaves.

 She burns her photograph of Jacob.  Fuck that guy.

 Dylan comes home and finds something interesting waiting for him.

 Marie wears just a red bow.

 She promises to try and be more uninhibited.

Dylan pulls the ribbon, and they go to the bedroom and have sex. There's also a lame epilogue where we find that Marie's photography business is thriving. THE END

Let's judge it for what it is - an erotic drama.  On those terms it's not too shabby.  The sex is just constant, the ladies look good, and it's filmed well.  The acting isn't terrible (although Jacob is way over the top), and the story is simple (which is a good thing).  Objectively bland and forgettable, but it's hard to find too much to complain about.

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