Apr 19, 2020

Night Waiter in Mar del Plata (1986)

(Original Title: Camarero nocturno en Mar del Plata) A naive and innocent dimwit must make his way on the sexy beaches of Mar del Plata, meeting a cast of eccentric beach people and vacationers. Featuring Susana Traverso.

 Tristán (Tristán) arrives home to find his mother tailoring a girl's dress...

 So, we're right out of the gate with some gratuitous nudity. Martita (Mónica Miani) is the girl, and the mother Doña Zulema (Menchu Quesada).  Tristán, being the socially awkward nice-guy, covers his eyes so not to gaze upon her boobs.

Tristán's friend Salvador (Guillermo Francella) convinces him to live a little and go to Mar del Plata with him.

 So, they take a a golden Taunus coupe on the road, but Salvador is distracted by a hitchhiker named Fiorella (Mónica Guido).

 When they have a flat, it's up to poor Tristán to change it in a thunderstorm.  To add insult to injury, Salvador won't let him back in the car because he's shagging the hitchhiker.

 Salvador leaves Tristán high and dry at Mar del Plata.  So, Tristán has to find a job at the hotel, and make do on his own.  He meets a number of eccentric beach people including...

Pochita (Alejandra Aquino) and Toto (Rodolfo Ranni

 Toto is quite proud of his wife's body, and claims she has the finest ass in the world.

 Tristán doesn't quite know how to react when he has her bend over to demonstrate.

Toto grabs him by the neck and forces him to slowly inspect every square inch.

 Finally, he makes him feel Pochita's ass.  Bizarre.

Tristán is surprised by a visitor to the apartment he's staying at.  It's a prostitute named Estrella (Susana Traverso).

 She has a foul mouthed bird which says things like "son of a bitch".

Estrella is the uninhibited sort, and of course that makes Tristán uncomfortable. 

 Actress Susana Traverso is probably best known in the US for Barbarian Queen, but she was pretty successful in Argentina, and married a pop star.

Estrella ("Star") takes a shower.

 Afterwards, she tries on some clothes, and asks Tristán for his opinion.

 You have to look quick, but this is the film's one and only full frontal nude scene.

 My expression exactly.

So,  Tristán is a waiter at the hotel; of course, he's a bumbling idiot, constantly feeling the wrath of his frustrated employer, Don Gregorio (Emilio Vidal).

 Estrella takes her john up to a room at the hotel.

 Tristán, who had no idea she was a call girl, is shocked to find her here when he delivers the champagne.

Tristán serves two couples: Juan Carlos (Rolo Puente) and his wife Silvia (Noemí Alan), Mónica (Dorys Perry) and her husband Augusto (Juan Díaz)

The husbands have invited their wives on their business trip, but in reality they're here to sneak out and go to discos and casinos to pick up women.

Silvia tells Mónica that she's been married to Juan for nine years and is tired of his bullshit.  She plans on having an affair while she's here. Tristán arrives at the perfect moment.

 Sylvia lures him up to her room.

 Then she slips into something more comfortable.

 But Juan comes back, and Tristán is cold busted.

 Tristán returns to his apartment where he finds Estrella asleep in his bed with her tit hanging out.

 She wakes up long enough to tell him it's her bed, then rolls over and falls back asleep.


 Tristán has no choice but to get into bed with her.

 Estrella grabs his dick in her sleep.

 She brings him an ice pack.

 Again, she manhandles him in her sleep, so poor Tristán moves to the small, uncomfortable couch.

 On the beach, Silvia and Mónica, looking good in their thong bikinis, meet their husbands.

 The charade continues, and the martial situation worsens.

 Estrella returns home from work. She greets her foul mouthed parrot, then takes her clothes off.

 Tristán is in the bathroom; Estrella says it was a hot day and needs to take a shower.

 Fucking amazing.

 This little side-story is absolutely irrelevant and ridiculous.  A babysitter arrives at the hotel room of Roberto (José María Safigueroa) and his wife (Edda Díaz).

 The babysitter is left with the boy. 

 She helps to get changed, and the mother returns unexpectedly and catches them in this compromising position.  She throws out the babysitter... and that's it for this story. What was the point?

 Sylvia has absolutely had it with her husband.  She's giving it one more go, and invites Tristán to her hotel room again.

 Juan is at a disco with a hot blonde  (Estela González) when he makes the decision to go back to Sylvia.

 Sylvia is, of course, busy with Tristán.

 Jaun returns, catching them in the act.  He chases Tristán through the hotel, wearing only a bedsheet.  Chaos erupts and Tristán is fired.

The film ends happily.  Tristán returns to his home town, and we find he has opened a restaurant with his lover, Estrella. THE END

I actually loved this movie. Tristán is a really likable character to root for.  The film kept throwing curve balls and new situations at you, avoiding what could have easily been a very repetitive movie. Of course Susana Traveso steals the show, with plentiful nudity.  Sure, it's all pretty cheesy and contrived, but for silly, sexy entertainment, it doesn't get much better.


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