Apr 15, 2020

Brand of Shame (1968)

A sexy Western featuring Marsha Jordan and Samantha Scott.

 A stagecoach is bound for Boom Town.  Aboard are two passengers...

 Studly Steve Turner (Steve Stunning)

 Goody-two-shoes teacher Rachel Clark (Samantha Scott) who's on her way to Boom Town with a map to a secret gold mine she received from her father.

The "bad guys":  Outlaw Craig Benson (Steve Vincent) and his floozy dance hall girl, Delilah (Cara Peters).

 Also in Boom Town is Miss Mollie (Marsha Jordan), who runs the dance hall.

 Stella (Darlene Darling) is one of her dance hall girl employees.

 She has Stella get naked and lie on the bed.

 Miss Mollie gets undressed.

 The stagecoach bound for Boom Town is ambushed, but Steve fends them off with his six shooter.

 When the action is over, he finds that Rachel has passed out on the floor of the coach.

He lifts her back up, and when she comes-to, she's not nearly as aloof and standoffish as before. Steve is her hero.

 Steven and Rachel arrive in Boom Town and are greeted by Mr. Perkins.

 Rachel checks into a room, and Miss Mollie spies on her through the wall.

 Rachel cleans up.  That pitcher serves as one of the most blatant scenery censors I've ever witnessed.

Craig Benson gets with his outlaw buddies to hijack Steve and Rachel.  He wants that map to the gold mine.

 Steve and Rachel ride to the location on the map.

There's a kerfuffle wherein Steve beats the shit out of Craig.  Miss Mollie and Delilah tend to his injuries.
 Delilah makes Craig feel much better.

 It's been a treacherous journey.  They stop by a stream to make camp.

Steve deflowers Rachel. Actress Samantha Scott has quite the backstory.  As pointed out in the comments for Horny Hobo (1969), she went on to become the "Black Widow of Rancho Mirage", with two books written about her as well as an episode of the TV show 'Women Who Kill'.

Craig and his boys catch Rachel and tie her up.  She's then stripped and whipped until she confesses where the gold mine is located.

In a rather disturbing scene, Craig lets George (Dan Martin), his mentally handicapped accomplice, have his way with her.  She's stripped naked and groped.

 Where the hell is Steve while this is going on?  Craig has arranged for Delilah to distract him.

 When Steve finds out from Mr. Perkins that he's been tricked, he lets Delilah have it.

 A big long boring shootout.  Steve wins, obviously.

 Steve gets the girl and the gold.  

If you follow VZ1, you know we're fans of the campy genre send-ups.  Lady Godiva Rides (1969), The Notorious Cleopatra (1970), The Ribald Tales of Robin Hood (1969), The Erotic Adventures of Zorro (1972), etc. but this was a bit weak.

My theory that Samantha Scott was actually a good actress was dashed.  She's as bad at acting as she is at not murdering husbands.  Marsha Jordan is wasted; only one scene worth watching.  The sex scenes overall are filmed poorly.  Aside from a few exploitation flourishes, it's pretty low energy overall.

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