Nov 11, 2019

Bikini Airways (2003)

It's the usual plot setup: a girl inherits a dying business, and makes it successful by "sex sells" with big breasted bikini clad workers.  The dying business isn't a drive-in (see Bikini Drive-In), a country club (see Golfballs!) or a car wash (see The Bikini Carwash Company).  In this case it's an airline that can only be saved by bikinis.

 Terri (Regina Russell Banali) has learned that a relative passed away, and she's inherited an airline.

 She finds the airline in bad shape, run by a couple of losers - Captain Sam (Jay Richardson) and Co-Pilot Dave (Dan Golden).

She goes to her photographer boyfriend Jim ( Noah Frank) for advice and he recommends the old tactic of "sex sells".  Specifically, he thinks his three models will boost ticket sales on the dying airline.

From left: Pam (Amy Lindsay), Traci (Kim Maddox aka Kimber Lynn) and Vicki (Belinda Gavin)

 Out with the old airline, in with the new.

 The girls provide quite a draw for Bikini Airways.

An opportunity presents itself: a rich oil tycoon is having a bachelor party in Miami.  Terry offers him the option of using their airline, and have the bachelor party in the sky.

 The gang decorates the plane; it's ready for the party.

 Gary (Brad Bartram), the groom, is welcomed aboard, along with his groomsmen. 

 It's a rocky takeoff, and Traci's bikini top pops off. Imagine that?

 Terry helps the girls serve drinks.

 Sam & Dave have it all under control.

 Traci does the first striptease for the passengers.

Traci has sex with one of the guests in the tiny bathroom.  It's pretty hilarious, and sexy as hell.  They're cramped, contorted and she's just getting banged around.   One of the more unusual and impressive sex scenes.

Kim Maddox (aka Kimber Lynn) is amazing in this movie. As Maddox she was in Final Examination (2003) and as a bit part hot tub girl in Bad Bizness (2004); a bit more under the name Kimber Lynn name.

 Pam comes out dressed as a French Maid and downs a banana.

 She then has sex right there in the aisle. A lot more open space on Bikini Airways versus your average cramped airliner.

 Vicki has sex with... uh oh - Jim. And Terry catches them in the act.

 Terry resigns herself to paperwork while everyone else, including her boyfriend, have sex.  Then up walks the groom, Gary.

 Terry jumps his bones.

 Bravo Regina Russell Banali for delivering the best, most graphic sex scene in the movie.  The actress would make a name for herself directing the Quiet Riot documentary in 2014; she married the band's drummer Frankie Banali.

 Gary gets a phone call from his fiance, Francine (Maya Divine), who tells him the marriage is off.

 Captain Sam takes a picture of Terry sleeping on Gary.

Vicki accidentally hits some kind of hyper-drive on the plane, but Sam is able to land safely.  THE END

While I thoroughly enjoyed the nonstop T&A, it could have been a lot better.  For one, we don't actually even get on the plane until halfway through.  Also, I think it would've been funner had they gotten normal passengers aboard, rather than a bachelor party.  It ends up being a bit pointless that it's even on a plane at that point. Seeing the girls as actual stewardesses, with real passengers, while still maintaining a healthy amount of T&A, would've been much better.  I am curious how this stacks up against Party Plane (1991); stay tuned.



  1. Kim Maddox also acted under the names Kimberlee Castiac & Kimber Lynn, among others. It's a lot of the same style of film, and she does what she does best in all of them.