Jul 11, 2019

The Schoolteacher Goes to Boys High (1978)

We just took a look at the Italian sex comedy The School Teacher in the House from the same year, and it was a blast. Let's see how it stacks up against yet another School Teacher movie starring the same group - Edwige Fenech, Alvaro Vitali,  Renzo Montagnani, and Lino Banfi.  We've covered a few of these [see The Soldier with Great Maneuvers (1978)The Nurse in the Military Madhouse (1979), and My Sister in Law (1976)] but there were many more - we've only scratched the surface in the world of dumb sex comedies from Italy. 

 Riccardo Bolzoni (Renzo Montagnani) is a wealthy industrialist.  He's had a kidnapping scare, so is currently in hiding pretending to be poor. Peppino (Lino Banfi) plays the bumbling assistant.

Armandino (Alvaro Vitali) works at a motel and explains to his friend Carlo (Leo Colonna) the perfect plan to get in bed with a woman... 

The plan: He will cut the water off as the sexy hotel guest tries to take a shower.  Then, she'll call to have the water turned back on.  Then, the lucky guy, pretending to have plumbing skills, will come to her room and save the day.  The woman, vulnerable in her towel, will be so thankful for her plumber that a porno will surely commence. This plan of action will play out a couple times in this film.

 Edwege Fenech is Monica Sebastiani, a new teacher just hired at the local boys' school.  She arrives at the hotel right as Armandino explains his sick plan.

 Monica gets undressed to take a shower, but finds the water doesn't work.  (Armandino has turned it off as planned.)

 She calls the front desk to have someone come fix it.

Carlo comes to save the day, but it turns into a cluster fuck.  Monica is on to his little plan and throws his ass out.

 Monica is introduced to her new class by her uncle, Father Don Marcello (Dino Emanuelli). 

 Uh oh.  Carlo is one of Monica's students.

Carlo fantasizes about his new teacher - picturing her doing a striptease. 

 It has to be said - this scene is fucking amazing.

 Back to Riccardo's story line.  He's married, but a total womanizer.  Tonight he's on a date with floozy Vera (Nikki Gentile).

 Nikki Gentile was in just seven films, from 1976 to 1979, ending with a single appearance on Return of the Saint.

 Riccardo and Vero have sex on a sofa.

 Busted.  Peppino arrives unannounced with his wife Ileana (Paola Pieracci). Ridiculously, Riccardo, with the help of Peppino, is able to convince his wife that Vicki was just a hallucination. 

Riccardo moves on to Monica.  He ran into her earlier and is not obsessed with this next conquest.  He tells the school priest the truth - that he's filthy rich - in order to get the priest to arrange a meeting with his niece.

 The meeting is set up on the pretense that she will be his foreign language tutor.  But due to mildly comedic circumstances, Riccardo is never able to get into her pants.

Alvaro Alvari as always, is the world's oldest teenager, here pretending to be a really tall man.  I rarely find Alvari's humor funny, and this is no exception.  Watching this film, you will find yourself constantly wishing these unfunny bastards would get off the screen so you can see more Edwige Fenech.

Professor Strumolo (Gianfranco D'Angelo) is the ridiculously buffoonish gym teacher.  But at least we have Fenech to look at as he instructs her on a workout routine.

 After the workout, Monica takes a shower and we get a completely gratuitous shower scene.  Unfortunately, no bush from Fenech in this film.

 Carlo picks up Monica, and then basically sexually assaults her.  She tells him to get the fuck out.

 Vicki checks into Armandino's hotel.  Now it's time to put his plan into action again.

 Vicki takes a shower.

This is actually taken from a lobby card.

 Things are going according to plan.  Armandino cuts off the water, and Vicki calls the front desk for help.

 Armandino to the rescue.

Surprisingly, the plan works!  Vicki is so aroused by her savior, she goes to bed with this stuttering imbecile.

Peppino and Ileana call to inform Riccardo that they've run off to the islands together and she wants a divorce.

 The final scene is a school play where Professor Strumolo wears blackface.  Awkward.

In the end, Monica and her much younger student kiss.  THE END

Well, this wasn't quite as good as School Teacher in the House (1978).  Fenech is only topless a couple times, and isn't exactly burning up the screen with her sexuality as she usually does.  I suppose they were wanting Nikki Gentile to take that role - and, while she was quite sexy, no one can beat Fenech.

Also, this wasn't nearly as funny and slightly low energy.  Still, I did enjoy the shower gag, and anything with Fenech is always worth a watch.


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